Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday- Local band breaks up!

X-Teller Split!
One of our favourite local bands has announced that they are to split. X-Teller, who many will know from their regular gigging in the area sent us the message below last night.

If you read the last newsletter, we mentioned that X-Teller was moving forward with enthusiasm and dedication. Unknown to half the band this was not the case! Last week a sudden decision was made that the band X-Teller was to dissolve, with two members citing personal reasons as the main factor to leave. The band would like to thank the fans and everyone who has given their support over the last four years for taking them to where they were and would like to apologise for the cancellation of the forthcoming advertised listings. Never fear though! The rhythm section are sticking together and will be back soon with new members, new music and a new website. More details will follow when we have them. X-Teller CD's are still available along with FREE posters at

It's a shame but we can only hope from the ashes two new bands will arise.

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