Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gigs and 'those' adverts

Last day of the month and if you have not yet seen your September edition of Suited and Booted then you will soon!

Live Events today!

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Briefcase Blues Brothers @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion, Taunton

It's still just a little quiet out there. While you wait for the music to really get going, what about those adverts on the TV? You know the ones...the feminine hygiene adverts.

Click the link in the headline above for an adult, clean but humourous take on all those "with wings" adverts. (Needs a FLASH player installed)

The Editor

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Post Bank Holiday Blues

If you aren't on holiday then you may well be suffering from post Bank Holiday Blues. This affliction typically occurs when a fine summer day follows a bank holiday.

Fear not beacuse help is at hand!

Quick Joke #1
Did you hear about the man who fell in love with a psychic? He got down on one knee and asked her, "Will I marry you?"
Quick Joke #2
A wife went to the police station with her next-door neighbor to report that her husband was missing. The policeman asked for a description. She said, "He's 35 years old, 6 foot 4, has dark eyes, dark wavy hair, an athletic build, weighs 185 pounds, is soft-spoken, and is good to the children." The next-door neighbor protested, "Your husband is 5 foot 4, chubby, bald, has a big mouth, and is mean to your children." The wife replied, "Well, I don't want THAT one back.

So what about the music?

Not much on tonight; you can choose from a jam night at the Antelope in Crewkerne or an acoustic jam night at the Green Dragon in Combe St Nicholas.

More music tomorrow for you though.

The Editor

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday 27th Live Music

We have lots of personal things happening today so this blog will be short!

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Fat Marrow Blues Band @ Woods Wine Bar
Tobacco Road @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Tom Toomey (1pm) @ Beer Hacket Beer Festival
Skinful @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Clams @ Hardy's, Bridport
Balance of Power @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Mustang Sally @ Labour Club
The Perfect Strangers @ Swan Inn, Sherborne
Bedrock @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Chris Stuckey & Mary @ The Plucknett
Breathless @ Old Barn Club

Live Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Lois & The Iguana @ Wellington FC
That'll Do @ The Old Market, Bridgwater
Jason Toft @ The Princess Royal, Taunton
Nick Girome-Maddocks Band @ The Vintage, Wellington
Gold Blend @ Flying Horse, Taunton
Jamie Lawrence @ The Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
The Tree Frogs @ The Westgate, Taunton
Catch 23 @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
The Whole Hog @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton

That's all for now folks!

The Editor

Friday, August 26, 2005

Extra acoustic band wanted at Flick Bar, Yeovil today!

Will from Advance Promotions sent this through to us today. If you are up for an acoustic set then contact him directly.

Ok were looking to add some last min acoustic acts to the bill at flicks today if your interested in playing email me back and i'll send you the details.

were mainly looking for bands that play normal sets, coming down and playing it
acousticly for one night.

Friday August 26th @ Flicks (Yeovil)

(all bands playing acoustic versions of their material)

Another Yeovil favourite going to tone it all down for one night. Dopamine have a real nice sound and the prospect of hearing it all acoustic is quite exciting.
Local favourites go acoustic ... awesome!!

£4 on the door

The Editor

Oh my God it's Friday!!!

Another fantastically fast week seems to have rushed by and dropped us at Friday.So it's Bank Holiday weekend and the last Bank Holiday of the year. There are lots of events on and will bring news on them later.

We are not sure what's happening with the formatting of this post so please bear with us!

So what's happening tonight?

Live events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Motel 6 @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Sidekicks @ Woods Wine Bar
Dave Green @ Hardy's, Bridport
Wob @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Unforgiven Kingdom @ Swan Hotel, Crewkerne
Julie Dunn & Andy Christie Jazz Duo @ Jago's, Dorchester
BJ Smith @ The Plucknett, Yeovil
Stress @ Harry's Bar
Crazy 88 @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
BJ McCabe @ Quicksilver Mail
K-Zydeco Band @ Green Dragon Combe St Nicholas
Dr Stomp & Professor Oz @ Marquis of Lorne, Powerstock

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
The Blue Mile @ George Inn, Uffculme
Studio 33 @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Into the Bleach (Blondie Tribute) @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill
Emma Cooper @ The Flying Horse, Taunton
Relocate @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
Jive/Rock 'n' Roll @ Taunton R'n'R Club
Man From Funkle @ The Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
Burning Chrome @ The Westgate, Taunton
K-Zydeco Band @ Green Dragon Combe St Nicholas

The Editor
Nicky Griff @ Wookey Hole Inn

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday, much more music!

Lots of great things happening music wise today.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Ironic @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Cryin' Out Loud @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Jam Night @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
John Debara @ Choughs Hotel, Chard

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas today
The Jive Inn @ The Princess Royal, Taunton
Into The Bleach @ Raleghs Cross Inn

Blondie Tribute act Into The Bleach

Davison / Gunning Band @ Bar 27, Bridgwater
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz, Burnham on Sea
Jim Reynolds @ White Hart East Reach, Taunton

Have a great day!

The Editor

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday gigs

Well the September editions of Suited and Booted have been put to bed and depending on just how fast the printers can work through the paper they will be with you in a few days.

Would you like a sneak preview of the South Somerset & West Dorset September gig diary? Then go to to download your very own printable version of the PDF file.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
SK8ER Girls @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion Club, Taunton

Tomorrow there will be more, we promise!

The Editor

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Posting taking a back seat

At the moment we are in the throes of welding together the next print edition of Suited and Booted and so posting on the blog site will be a bit lighter than normal.

Great Night at Flicks Bar, Yeovil tonight!

NO COMPLY - (Deckcheese)These Uk stars have deservedly earned a reputation of being one of the most incendiary liveacts on the punk circuit, this band just seem to get bigger and better with each passing month

ENCYCLOPEDIA (Unsigned) Two men, 1 ipod know the score by now.. First yeovil show for quite a while!

IN THE EYES OF MIDAS (Unsigned) Heavy Riffs balanced with sing along melodys featuring ex members of MakeHerCry and HerPerfectPlan.These new kids on the block promise and energetic live show.. Make sure you catch their debut on the Yeovilscene!!

Tickets £6 - Door £7On Sale Now@ Acorn Music, Yeovil & www.seetickets.comDoors 7pm

The Editor

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ever feel like you got stuck in the 80s?

Was life better is the 80s?

Check out this link to a neat little video where supermarket man ends up in an Aha video.

Click on the headline above.

The Editor

Friday Happenings

Another week is flying by to a crashing weekend!

Live events in west Dorset & South Somerset today
Jinder @ Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock
Tom Toomey @ King William, Glastonbury
Balance of Power @ Ropemakers, Bridport
The Lo Numbers @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Real Deal @ Hardy's, Bridport
Mojo @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Cosmic Kids Carnival Club Charity Night @ Labour Club, Yeovil
Bad Reputation @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Lewis "Sound of the Suburbs" @ Swan Inn, Sherborne

Lewis performing last year at The Green, Portsmouth
Picture courtesy of his web site

Whitmore, Mumrah, Pickled Dick, Blame It On Edd & Must Have Toy @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
The Repercussions @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Chard Remains @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Vinyl Monkeys @ The Westgate, Taunton
Jive/Rock 'n' Roll @ Taunton Rock 'n' Roll Club
Blazing Stump Folk Club @ Royal Oak, Lux.
Off The Cuff @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Studio 37 @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
King Rich @ Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Two Stooges @ The Vintage, Wellington
Who's Next @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
The Creechers @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Red Hot Syncopators @ Crown Inn, Fivehead
Hollowbone @ Wookey Hole Inn

Have a great day!

The Editor

Super Furry and Local!

This is just in from Will of Advance Promotions fame

Quite a bit of news/shock for the local music scene...

But the Super Furry Animals will be playing in 3 weeks right
here in Somerset!

This band headlined the Other stage at Glastonbury 2004 and are playing 2000-4000 venues on their tour ... this will be a 400 ticket show as a tiny warmup to their Bestival main stage headline on Sunday September 11th..

They will be on Top Of The Pops this week promoting their new single "Lazer Beam" from their forthcoming 7th Album Love Kraft.

You can watch them play to a tiny crowd on Sat 10th if you secure one of the tickets.. here are the details.

Advance Promotions + Midnight Mango present
in association with the agency groupSaturday September 10th @ The Palace (Bridgwater)
"Very Intimate Warmup Show"SUPER FURRY ANIMALS (Sony)+ supportTickets £12 @ Office Tel - 0871 2200260

also as of Tuesday 23rd
@ Acorn Music, Yeovil
West Quay Records, BridgewaterMartian Records, TauntonDoors 7pm Band onstage 8.30pm

How fantastic is that?

The Editor

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Electric Prunes Gig postponed

Just yesterday we told you about a planned gig by the Electric Prunes to be held at the Bell Inn at Ash. That event has now been postponed until February 2006.

Sorry folks!

The Editor

A suntan too far

You know sometime you can take a suntan just a bit too far.
Leather sofa effect skin any one?

The Editor

Thursday 18th

Today is deadline day for those of you that would like your gigs, events and happenings printed in Suited and Booted for September.

Send your information in to our email:

What's happening today?

Live events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Dodgy Jammers @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Pete Le Feet (Comedian, Singer drag artiste!) @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Dave King @ White Horse, Wincanton
Abba2 @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill
Jam night @ Woods Wine Bar

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Jam Session @ The George Inn, Uffculme
Abba2 @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill
The Jive Inn @ Princes Royal, Taunton
Narcia Barrett @ Bar 27, Bridgwater
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz, Burnham on Sea

Good News!
Our new web server is now up and running so the web site is now active again and the pictures have returned to the blog site; FANTASTIC!

The Editor

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bassist/Guitarist/Vocalist wants a band!

Neil is new to the area having recently arrived from the West Midlands. He is looking for a band to play in. His contact details are below.

Bassist/guitarist/vocalist looking for a band. Loads of influences from Stone Roses to Fugazi to Pearl Jam and many more.

Would consider covers and original bands. 32 years young if that matters.
Email Neil at

The Editor

Live events for Wednesday 17th

It's a bit late in the day but let's have a look at what's happening tonight!

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Breathless @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater today
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion, Taunton

OK so it's not that inspiring today but what about playing your own instrument at Harry's Bar tonight?

The Editor

Suited & Booted web site down

No we don't have a depressed web site but are main web site is being switched to a new funky server (that's what my ISP tells me anyway) .

As a consequence you may not be able to see our web site until tomorrow or because the internet is a wierd place you may still be able to see it all depending on where you live!

This also has an impact on pictures posted to this blog site; some of them may disappear mysteriously.

Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

The Editor

The Electric Prunes & Reckless Eric at The Bell

Get ready for a slice of Californian psychedelic prune based sound scapes!

The 60s group the Electric Prunes reformed in 2001 and are back making fantastic music. On Saturday September 3rd they will be playing at the Bell Inn, Ash (near Yeovil).

If you want to hear what they sound like then click the link in the headline above. It will take you to their sample music page.

Also guesting at this show is the infamous Wreckless Eric. Now if you are like me, you knew the name but couldn't place where from. Well take 10 minutes out to trawl through his web site and it gives a much clearer picture of the man. Don't expect a potted biography though! It's a life that takes in the Blockheads, Stiff Records alcholism and music forged from a life lived. Check out

Tickets for the gig cost £12 and can be bought from the Bell directly. Call them on 01935 822 727.

The Editor

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why is Tuesday called Tuesday?

If you ever wondered why Tuesday is called Tuesday then this post is for you. If you didn't, then don't read it!

The word "Tuesday" is derived from a Norse religious tradition. Tyr or Tiw was the Norse God of War. When the Germanic Angles and Saxon's invaded England in the 500's they suplanted a culture that had been heavily influenced by Rome for several hundred years.

The day, Tuesday, had already been named for the Roman God of War, Martius (notice in French, Italian, and Spanish - the word for Tuesday is still derivative of the Roman God - Mardi, Martedi and Martes - respectively).

When the Germanic tribes conquered England, they laid their own lexicon over that of the Roman's so that the Norse God of War now supplanted the Roman God of War (after all the Norse God was obviously more potent). Thus they called the day of the God of War tiwesdaeg.

The Editor

MFA 2005: The results!

We had a message in from Tom Toomey, Chairman and Founder of Music For Africa today. Great news about this year's Montacute event, his words are below.

The Cut Collective at this year's MFA event

Hi there, just to let you know that we made £12000 clear profit on the weekend at Montacute House! !!!!!!

There are still a couple of cheques to come in but I have it on good authority from Angie my bookkeeper that this is the bottom line figure. so, THANKS a million to everyone who helped....seriously THANKS once again! It's always a tricky time for me wondering wether or not I will make or break but once again it was a HUGE success and the WEATHER was with us thank God.

Next years event will be 14th/15th July 2006 at Montacute House and I will be having a gathering at my house on Sunday 11th Sept from 3pm thru to the evening to thank everyone who helped at this years concert ( bring a bottle and some food...etc).

The Charity is going from strength to strength and we are now able to supply a teacher who has been trained by MFA for the last 5 years to start a new project in Capetown.This means we have trained up and CREATED another job for a school leaver/music teacher from scratch.We were approached via the net by a Church minister there and we will supply 10 classical guitars and transport and they will pay Franks wages. The project will be on a trial run for 3 months.This will start sometime in September and I shall be going to see the progress of all my students sometime in 2006.We have also found a brilliant classical guitar teacher( to grade 8 standard ) who lives 2 hours drive from our school in South Africa .Sue will be taking our best students under her wing and entering them for grades this year.I have been looking for someone like her for years!

So that's it so far, I will keep you all updated periodically.

Thanks once again for ALL your support

Much Love and good vibes.
Tom Toomey, Chairman and Founder.

The Editor

Tuesday, famous for not much at all!

Tuesdays are of course renowned for being quieter than any other night of the week (ok Mondays are a possible exception). But this week we (nearly) buck the trend! There are a couple of musical events for you to enjoy; sadly none of them happen in the Taunton and Bridgwater area!

Live events today in the West Dorset & South Somerset area
Itchy & Scratchy @ No.10, Bridport
Zoë Schwarz & Rob Koral @ The Old Rooms, Weymouth
Jam Night @ The Antelope, Crewkerne

The Editor

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stunning Sunny Monday

Yes it's another wonderful Monday! What you mean you're not enjoying it beacuse you're back at work? Oh...

Well today is VJ Day or Victory over Japan, that celebrates the end of the second world war.
Events are taking place all over the local area, of particular interest may be the events at the Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovilton.

The Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovil, Somerset, were awarded a £8,790 grant to help commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2. They will have a free entry on VJ Day, Monday August 15, with a series of events aimed at celebrating the end of the war, including entertainment from the era, displays and refreshments. Throughout the day musicians will set the tone with wartime songs and music. The BBC's People's War team will be on hand to record poignant memories of visitors.

Graham Mottram, Museum Director, said: "To many sailors and naval aircrew, VJ Day was more important than VE Day. War in the Pacific began with the Japanese aircraft carrier attack on Pearl Harbour and the Allied fight-back was hugely dependent upon the carrier air power of the British and American Navies. With free entry to the museum made possible by this generous grant, anyone who wishes to be part of our commemoration will be able to join us, and we hope they will."

Other Events

Children's Stone Carving and Sculpture Workshop, Tout Quarry, Portland.

VJ Church Service, Weymouth.

Until the 30th August
Matchstick Fleet, The Nothe Fort, Weymouth. An extraordinary exhibition of hundreds of warship models made entirely from matchsticks. The lifetime's work of one man.

Live music
Just one thing on today as far as we know; the Open Mic session at The Westgate in Taunton.

More news later!

The Editor

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday 13th events + Yeovil Festival

It's the Yeovil Festival today and tomorrow that includes a Battle of The Bands events being run by Ivel FM. It all happens at the Yeovil Showground just off the A37 Yeovil to Dorchester road about 1 mile out of the town centre. Folow the link in the headline above for more details.

Events in West Dorset & South Somerset today
The Graduates @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Furious George @ Hardy's, Bridport
Monopole @ Labour Club
Caribbean Night @ Old Barn Club, Yeovil
Rhythm Junkies @ Lord Nelson, Norton-s-Hamdon
Creechers @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Studio 37 @ Swan Inn, Sherborne

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas today
That'll Do @ The Westgate, Taunton
Hans On Experience @ Flying Horse, Taunton
Les Martin @ Green Dragon, Wellington
Retro @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
The Whole Hog @ Old Market, Bridgwater

The Editor

Friday, August 12, 2005

A Friday wish

Do you ever wish the program menus on your computer had some extra options?

What about these in the picture below?

The Editor

Friday happenings + Love & Money

Love costs!
Men spend an average of 1,426 pounds on their partner during the first six months of a relationship, including 970 pounds on drinks and dinners, 148 pounds on presents and 63 pounds on taxis, flowers and chocolates. (Are we mad?)

Women, on the other hand, spend 740 pounds over the same period. (Obviously not quite so mad!)

Three percent of men even claimed to have paid their new partner's gym membership.

But once a relationship has passed the 12-month barrier, men's spending drops off to an average 987 pounds, while that of women increases ever so slightly to 784 pounds. (We think that's for the year.)

Little surprise then that most relationships fold within 12 months. It's a bloody expensive game!
Who sang that song "Can't Buy Me Love"? It seems that you can!

Holiday Disasters
If you were planning to go on holiday on a BA flight today, boy are you in the mire! What a crappy thing to happen! All flights grounded until tomorrow. On the other hand think about those 800 catering workers who were sacked...not good for them either.

There is lots of music on tonight so you should be able to find something you like!

Live events in South Somerset & West Dorset tonight
Bell & Brumpon @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Steve Black & Jim Almand @ Hardy's, Bridport
Chard Remains @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Barry Paull as Elvis @ Lord Nelson, Norton-s-Hamdon
The David Miles Band @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Midasuno, Mendeed, (209) & Along Came Man @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Unforgiven Kingdom ~ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas tonight
Chard Remains @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Vinyl Monkeys @ The Westgate, Taunton

The Vinyl Monkeys are here playing outside in Bridport (we think!) The picture is courtesy of their web site

Jive / Rock 'n' Roll @ Taunton Rock 'n' Roll Club
Blazing Stump Folk Club @ Royal Oak, Luxborough
Off The Cuff @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
Studio 37 @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
King Rich @ The Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Two Stooges @ The Vintage, Wellington
Who's Next @ The Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
The Creechers @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Red Hot Syncopators @ Crown Inn, Fivehead
Hollow Bone @ Wookey Hole, Inn

Have a great day!
The Editor

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday Music and Bristol Balloon Fiesta

A smattering of music this evening in a variety of styles and if that doesn't do it for you then scroll down for details of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta that starts today. Click the link in the headline above to visit their web site.

Live music in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Mojo @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Zoë Schwarz & Rob Koral @ Jazz Café Fleur, Canford Cliffs, Poole
Chard Remains @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
The Krays @ White Horse, Wincanton

Live music in Taunton & Bridgwater areas today
The Jive Inn @ Princess Royal, Taunton
Ska Toons @ Bar 27, Bridgwater
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz, Burnham-on-Sea

Music not doing it for you?

What about the Bristol Balloon Fiesta Nightglow?
The first night of the Fiesta is famous for the breathtaking spectacle that is the Night Glow, attracting crowds of around 100,000 people.

The famous Night Glow

As night falls on the first day of the Fiesta, people of all ages flock to watch the striking Night Glow. Some 30 tethered balloons illuminate like giant light bulbs using their liquid gas burners, creating magical patterns against the darkening night sky. Under coded instructions via radio communication, the pilots create a variety of dazzling effects from only three main commands: burn, flicker and flash. These astounding sequences are set to a special music mix which was produced last year by GWR Fm. An impressive array of sequences are expertly choreographed to the rhythm of the music and the atmospheric display leads to a dramatic finale - a magnificent firework display, put together by Bristol-based Skyburst. Energetic and awe-inspiring it's a night to remember!

Go early in the evening to secure a good vantage point for the fantastic display, the roads get very very busy around the site.

The event is set in the rolling parkland of Ashton Court Estate in Bristol, the Fiesta features mass balloon launches of over 100 balloons plus a wealth of family entertainment.

The Editor

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Game players watch out!

We saw this on a Yahoo web site.

S.Korean man dies after 50 hours of computer games
SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said on Tuesday.
The 28-year-old man, identified only by his family name Lee, had been playing on-line battle simulation games at the cybercafe in the southeastern city of Taegu, police said.

Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play on-line games on August 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, they said.

"We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official said by telephone.

Lee had recently quit his job to spend more time playing games, the daily JoongAng Ilbo reported after interviewing former work colleagues and staff at the Internet cafe.

After he failed to return home, Lee's mother asked his former colleagues to find him. When they reached the cafe, Lee said he would finish the game and then go home, the paper reported.

He died a few minutes later, it said.
South Korea, one of the most wired countries in the world, has a large and highly developed game industry.

Give yourself regular breaks of real world events if you play lots of video games!

The Editor

Iyhy or viewing the web on the move

Some of you out there may be viewing this or other web sites on a mobile device like a phone or PDA over a limited bandwidth link. If so we have found a great web resource for you. (If this means nothing to you then skip the rest of this post!)

Here's a great site that strips images, tables, and css info from pages to leave you with a scaled down, mobile-friendly version of the same page. What's even nicer is that if you make an account with them (free), it remembers every url you type in, and lists them below the input field.

So subsequent visits to the site will have a nice list of links for you, saving you the typing. You can remove any of the urls from that list whenever you want too. Perfect for anyone with a mobile device!

The Editor

Wicked Wednesday & VJ Day events

VJ Day Celebrations at Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum
All this week up to and including Monday 15th there will be a range of events happening every day at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Daily lectures given by the Museum's Curator and Director examining the events of each day of the last week of the war culminating with VJ Day on 15 August.

Every day at 3.00pm, all visitors old enough to recall the war first hand will be encouraged to visit the museum and share their experiences and reminisce in our Warnefords restaurant area, which will be transformed to reflect the decor and celebrations of the day 60 years earlier.

A flick through some of the wartime recipe books illustartes the unusual recipies of the day including "Somerset Rook Pie with Figgy Paste". It requires 'Six rooks, weak stock, pieces of fat bacon cut in chunks with salt and pepper to taste'.

The Museum's Catering Manager, Kevin Mansfield has been set the challenge of producing a wartime menu based on the available ingredients and rations of the day - although being a keen ornithologist and vegetarian, he has refused to put Rook Pie on the menu!

Want more details? Click on the link in the headline above.

Now what about the music happening tonight?

Live events on Wednesday in South Somerset & West Dorset
Fab Beatles (tribute) @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Send More Paramedics, The Nothing, Shadow Law & PSP @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil

The Nothing playing tonight at Flicks Bar in Yeovil
Visit their web site for more information

Live events on Wednesday in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion Club, Taunton

The Editor

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Season Jazz in Sherborne

We have had news in today from the organisers of the Sherborne Jazz club about their new season of musical events. Here is what they said:-

We have a reduced programme for jazz this season, initially one a month.

Our new gigs for this season at Sherborne Jazz at The Plume of Feathers are:

Sep 10: Dylan Howe

October 8: Iain Ballamy with his new band Anorak

Usual contact details are:

8:00 pm at The Plume of Feathers, Half Moon Street, Sherborne. Tel: 01935 410881 or check the website

The Editor

Tuesday events

I nearly forgot with all that cat stuff, that today (Tuesday) events are listed below.
Just scroll down the page to Monday's entry.

The Editor

Bizarre site for the cat lovers out there

I know it's off topic but this site is so odd it deserves a look

No animals were hurt in these scenes etc. etc.

The Editor

Monday, August 08, 2005

Endorse It 2005

A quick reminder that the Endorse-It In Dorset festival happens this coming weekend.

This picture below gives you most of the information, follow the web link in the headline above for full details.

When:Friday 12 August, 05untilSunday 14 August, 05
Cost: BUYw/e £35, family (2 adults & 2 kids) £90, days £20, kids (10-16) w/e £15, kids day £10, under-10 FREE
Where:Woodcutt, Six Penny Handley, near Shaftesbury, Dorset

The Editor

Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis video

We recently went to see the Marine Theatre in Lyme REgis to research an article for the September edition of Suited and Booted.

It is a very intriging place that was originally built as a bath house for sea water bathing.

Now of course it plays host to bands famous and not so famous as well as holding events a fairs of various kinds throughout the year.

We put together a short video to show you the theatre that is downloadable here (Or click the headline above) It is almost 3Mbytes in size so you probably want to be on a broadband connection to watch it. (Or be very patient!) It's in Windows Media format.

Hope you like it.

The Editor

Quiet start to Monday

Well we have very little to tell you about today with just the regular Open Mic spot @ The Westgate in Taunton to excercise your musical muscles on.

There's a bit more on Tuesday though

Events in West Dorset & South Somerset area for Tuesday
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne
Claude Bourbon @ Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

Claude Bourbon himself. Click the headline above for Claude's web site

Events in the Taunton & Bridgawater areas on Tuesday
Claude Bourbon @ Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi
Muttnik @ Bridgwater Arts Centre

The Editor

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A very quick Sunday update

Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Real World (4pm) @ Hardy's, Bridport
Conchords @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Jamming with Mutter & Gareth (3.30pm) @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Julie Dunn Jazz Quartet @ Alex Wine Bar, Yeovil
Skinful (4pm) @ Westminster, Yeovil

The Editor

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Battle of the sexes and Saturday events

Battle? Of The Sexes
German guide aims to bridge gulf between the sexes (courtesy of BERLIN Reuters)
A German handbook has set out to bridge the gulf between the sexes by explaining that what men say is not necessarily what they really mean.

The Langenscheidt publishing group, best known for its respected foreign language dictionaries, says tests have shown men utter about half as many words as women in a typical day so it is imperative they are understood.

When out shopping, "that doesn't suit you" means "it is too expensive", and "buy that one" means "I want to go home", said co-author Susanne Froehlich.

The guide's female authors hope they can help solve some couples' lack of communication -- the sixth most popular reason given for divorce in Germany.

They also list ten questions women should never ask men as men will not understand the logic -- including "would you still love me if I was fatter and uglier?", "why do you love me?", and "what are you thinking?".

Froehlich pre-empts accusations of sexism saying the book is light-hearted, that not all men display all listed traits, and that she herself is happily married.

Last year Langenscheidt published a male-authored guide to help men understand the subtext of phrases uttered by women.

Live events today in West Dorset & South Somerset
Tom Toomey @ Wincanton Social Club
Vince Gee @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Nil By Mouth @ Bottle Inn, Marshwood
Cryin' Out Loud @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Shuffle Bones @ Hardy's, Bridport
Classic Clapton @ After Midnight ~ Warners Hotel, Cricket St Thomas
Jeannette McFarland @ Old Barn Club, Yeovil
Ozzmosis & Hi On Maiden @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis
Avellian @ Thorncombe Sports & Social Club
Tim Bromfield @ Ship Inn, Chard
Real Deal @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Morellos @ Swan Inn, Sherborne
Rusty Razor ~ Rugby Club, Sidmouth
Zig Zag @ Labour Club, Yeovil
Makin' Bacon Blues Band @ Antelope Inn, Hazelbury Bryan
Jinder @ Free Expression Festival, Blandford Forum

Live events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Crazy 88 @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Crawfish @ The Vintage, Wellington
Dave Gale @ Green Dragon, Wellington
Breathless @ The Old Market, Bridgwater
Rusty Razor @ Sidmouth Rugby Club
Simon Gee @ The Princess Royal, Taunton
Snakes @ The Westgate, Taunton

What ever you do today have a great one.

The Editor

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday funky stuff & The TMF Rock Fest.

Lots of local music happening today (and over the weekend too) and we also bring you news about the TMF Rock Festival being held in Essex this weekend.

Live music events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Vinyl Monkeys @ Five Bells, Whitchurch Canonicorum
Tom Toomey @ Hope & Anchor, Bridport
Stress @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Abba2 @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

Abba2 who appear to have no clothes on!

Stars In Their Eyes 5 @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Skinful @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Backwater @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon

Live music events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas today
Real Deal @ The Westgate, Taunton
The Creechers @ The Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
Western Rendevous @ Royal British Legion, Taunton
Groove-a-licious @ The Pen & Quill Taunton
Record Hop @ Weston Super Mare FC
Rusty Razor @ Lethbridge Arms, Bishops Lydeard
Nick Ryan @ The Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Live Music TBC @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
Double Dealing @ Beam Bridge Hotel
Band Of Gold @ George Inn, Uffculme
Blues Danny @ Wookey Hole Inn
That'll Do @ White Hprse, Bampton

TMF Rock Festival This Weekend
Here's what they say about their festival...
With 7 stages, a license for 10,000, over 101 artists and 12 hours of cutting-edge music, you need to be at the Orsett Showground, Essex on Saturday 6 August 2005.

TMF is unlike certain other festivals; we don't believe in booking bands based on their album sales – we believe in booking bands on quality alone.

We don’t believe in releasing tickets before lineups are announced and we don’t believe in booking the same old headline acts – guaranteed to sell out but guaranteeing the same, tired performance.

The point of TMF is to showcase some of the finest music the UK has to offer – “the bands and DJs truly making noise in the UK”. That means we book rising artists and underground acts, and we put them on the same pedestal as the larger, established bands that headline the event.

Date: Saturday August 6 2005Venue: Orsett Showground, Orsett Village, Essex (off A13/M25)

Tickets: Priced at just £10.00 + b/f in advance / £16.00 on dayTo/From: 11.30am - 11.30pm Features: 7 live stages, acoustic tent, dance arenas, street-poetry, contemporary art, fair, food concessions, 2 licenced bars and over 100 of the hottest bands and DJ’s the UK has to offer.

The Line Up
The following bands are now confirmed for this year's huge event. If a band name is highlighted then click the link for biogs, interviews, pictures, MP3s and more. The Others, The Duke Spirit, Art Brut, Metro Riots, New Rhodes, Absent Kid, The Madeleines, Peace Burial at Sea, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, The Bisons, Xavier Floyd Firebird, The Hellset Orchestra, The Treliks Raging Speedhorn, Sikth, Johnny Truant, Electric Eel Shock, Queen Adreena, Interlock, Invey, Blood Roses, The Inbreds, Ted Maul, Naked Ape, Needleye, Monsterworks, SiZe Days of Worth, My Awesome Compilation, Septembre, Fony, Tat, The Sharons, Star Scream, The Hitchers, My Mantra, The BrightsSmother, Fighting With Wire, Djevara, The Betes Noires, 3 Miles From, Talula, Receiver, Cheenah, Halo MobiloEngerica, Resin, Crydebris, MCH2R, Hallelujah Johnson, The Gourami, Red Nettle, Dum, Jacksons Warehouse, The Sam I Am, Smallville Flash, My Own EnemyDrowned In Sound Acoustic Tent: Martin Grech, Chris T-T, Petra Jean Phillipson, Piney Gir, Dave House, Fly 66, Christopher Rees, 21gunsalute, Locus of Control, Lisa Brown, Stuart Masters, Zoe Konez, Vib Gyor, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Jeremy WarmsleyCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TRACKS FROM DiS ACOUSTIC STAGE ARTISTSDance Stage: Norris da Boss Windross b2b Wideboys, Matt Jam Lamont, DJ Craze, Delinquent b2b Domino, Wesley Jay b2b Excel, Hermit, Ricky Magic Martin b2b Jazzy D, DJ Dante, Dynamix, Evo & RST, Jolie, CKP, Sparks and Kie, Secret Agent, Buzzard, Supplier, Special MC, Kofi BLineups in no particular order and are not seperated into stages.
May be subject to change (as ever!).

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stones go online

Stones release album songs online

The Rolling Stones have released songs from their new album five weeks before its official release.

Three new tracks from the album, A Bigger Bang, will be available to buy online.
It is the first time a major act has made album tracks available in such a way, according to the band.

A Bigger Bang - the Stones' first studio album since 1997's Bridges to Babylon - is set for release on September 5.

The tracks available to download are Streets of Love, Rough Justice and Back of My Hand.
The band - Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood - embark on a world tour on August 21.

The tour starts in the USA before moving on to Canada, South America, the Far East and Europe, ending in summer 2006. (Providing the old bones can take the strain!)

The Editor


Got nothing to do?

Here is today's completely pointless site (click the link in the headline above).

You know that in some hopeless way it all makes perfect sense.

The Editor

Not quite live but...disco comes to Sparkford!

Musicman Entertainments has sent us some information about their over 25s disco at the Sparkford Inn.

It now has a regular slot on the first Saturday of the month and the next one will be this Saturday, the 6th. It starts at 8pm and runs through till midnight. The July disco night was the best attended ever, with over 200 enthusiastic and happy people on the dance floor.

The music is provided by the 'Musicman' Disco Roadshow with DJ Mike Nunnerley, a long time favourite at Bumbles nightclub in Bournemouth. He plays all styles of music from '60s up to the present day.

The Editor

Thursday 4th events

Open Art, The Annual Bridport Open Art Competition & Exhibition is a hugely popular summer show that is open to amateur and professional artists from throughout the South West.

Artists are invited to submit a maximum of two pieces of work on the theme of Story.
Call in or phone the box office for an application form. Winners prize £500 – 2 runners up £100 each + popular prize by public vote.

Receiving dates – Sunday 7 August 12 – 5pm & Monday 8 August 10am – 2pm
Exhibition dates Tues 16 August – Sat 10 September

Their phone number is 01308 424204 or go to their web site by following the link in the headline above.

Events today in the West Dorset & South Somerset area
Alias @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Trio Campanella @ Dillington House, Ilminster
Relocate @ Choughs Hotel, Chard

Events in the Taunton & Bridgwater area
Jam session @ George Inn, Uffculme
Trio Campanella @ Dillington House, Ilminster
Bridgwater's War @ Bridgwater Arts Centre (until 5th)
The Jive Inn @ The Princess Royal, Taunton
Lazy River Band @ Bar 27, Bridgwater
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz Burnham-on-Sea

Have a fun day!

The Editor

Very Naughty Sony!

What do you do if you want to guarantee a great film review for your latest would be blockbuster?

If you were Sony in 2001 you invented a reviewer and had him give rave reviews to your creations!

Now Sony will have to refund up to $1.5Million to those members of the public that were persuaded by the reviews of the mythical David Mannings to see films like "Hollow Man" and "A Kight's Tale".

Follow the link in the headline above to see the full story on the BBC website and see if you can recalim your £2.80!

The Editor

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Harry's Bar (Yeovil) opening hours correction


We got the opening hours wrong for Harry's Bar in Yeovil in this month's print edition of Suited and Booted.

We said they were open till 1am on a Saturday when in fact there are open till 2am. Far more time to enjoy a cocktail at the bar then!

The Editor

Not local but it is very good

If you love films (especially non-Hollywood style films) then you might like to try clicking the link in the headline above. It will take you to the Atom Films website where you can ejoy some wonderful short (3 minutes or so ) films.

There are lots of styles on the site but follow this link for something truly moving

To enjoy this you will need to have a broadband connection though.

The Editor

Advertising rates and more

We frequently get phone calls asking how much our advertising costs. The answer is not much at all!

Here are our advertising rates:

Rates for 'Black & White'
Quarter Page £28.00
Half Page £56.50
Full Page £90.00

Rates for 'Colour'
Front Page 'Earpiece' £35.00
Quarter Page £33.00
Half Page £65.00
Full Page £108.00
Back Page £125.00
These price are all inclusive per month per advert per edition.
(we are not a VAT registered business)

We think you will find our advertising rates are very competitive! Remember that we print well over 4000 copies of the South Somerset & West Dorset edition and 5000 copies of the Taunton & Bridgwater area edition.

We reckon each copy gets read by an average of 2.5 readers (who is that 0.5 of a person?) giving you 10,000 potential customers for a £28 investment that lasts a whole month!

Line entries into the gig guide actually cost you nothing! They are FREE!
Amazingly some pubs that host live music still forget to send us their gig details and so miss out on some quality publicity that would cost them nothing.

Would you like to advertise in the September edition? Then email us: and start the ball rolling!

The Editor

Midweek 3rd August

What a fantastic day out there! I'm off down to the coast to catch some sun!
Click the link above for your weather details from the BBC.

Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset areas
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Hand/Dupre Guitar Duo @ Dillington House Ilminster
Red Hot Chili Beans (tribute) @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ British Legion Club, Taunton
Hand/Dupre Guitar Duo @ Dillington House Ilminster
Taunton Flower Show @ Vivary Park (until 4th)

The Editor

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

St Ebeneezer’s Day

Inspired by the very funny blog site 'scaryduck' (click the link above to see what I mean) we are on the look out for the first local store to have any sign of christmas decorations on show. This special day has been christened St Ebeneezer's Day (a very movable feast that seems to happen earlier each year.)

So we want your suggestions to publically castigate the first commercial shop, store or similar venue that puts up Christmas decorations. Any shop Manager putting them up before 1st September deserves to have them rammed firmly up their fundamental orifice.

Send us your early Christmas sightings; let's out these evil doers!

The Editor

Tuesday events update for Taunton & Bridgwater area

Just a quick update to let you know about what's happening tonight in the Taunton & Bridgwater areas.

Short answer? Not much!

Tiverton Folk Club @ Racehorse Inn, Tiverton
Modern Guitar Trio @ Dillington House near Ilminster
(see previous post for full details)

The Editor

Outdoor Theatre in August

Artsreach bring you more art to a location near you this month with some outdoor theatre. To find out more about the locations or the Artsreach organisation then click on the headline above to go to their web site.

Miracle Theatre in 'The Case of the Frightened Lady'

Playing at:
Sandford Orcas 12th Aug
Abbotsbury, Abbey House Hotel Garden 13th Aug
Melbury Osmond 14th Aug

Miracle Theatre take to the road again this summer with a very British Thriller, as Detective Bill Tanner of Scotland Yard tries to unravel a dark tangle of dodgy criminals, false clues and foreigners with mysterious pasts... Edgar IWallace's novel, featuring sinister criminal acts, numerous plot twists and plenty of shadowy killers and secret passageways has been adapted for the outdoor stage as only Miracle know how, with a cast of five and music live on stage. Audiences will be intrigued and seduced by this spine-tingling outdoor treat. Please bring a cushion or rug to sit on, picnics and warm/weatherproof clothing as appropriate!

The Editor

Stars in their eyes 5 -slot available!-

Will at Advance promotions is looking for another band to take part in the Stars in Their Eyes night this Friday.

Here's what he had to say.

We are looking for another band to take part in this week Stars In Their Eyes.

Basically you have to choose a band and play 2 or 3 songs by them.. and thats it..
Were making this available to bands not in the local area as it is short notice

7 bands compete for the prize money normally around £350-£400 !!... people vote for the winner with the slip their tickets.

FFAF will preform during the vote count (hence special proformance ...there not special by any means ...just not part of the competition...

STARS shows are always great... all the 4 before have sold out
any more questions is the place to ask them.

The Editor

Tuesday Jam & Guitars

Od couple's long walk to Venice
We found this news item on the Press Association web site and since it's local...
An adventurous couple from a village called Odcombe are preparing to set off on an epic 2,000-mile round trip to Venice - on foot.

Chris Worledge, 34, and his girlfriend, Michele Roberts, 33, who live in the village in Somerset, have given up their well-paid jobs to follow in the footsteps of local hero Thomas Coryate - the man widely regarded as being the world's first travel writer.

The eccentric explorer toured Europe in 1608 and chronicled his adventures in Coryate's Crudities, three years later.

Alternatively take the Easy Jet flight from Bristol and enjoy a ride on the canal boats a couple hours later, mmmm. Well good luck any way!

We are a little behind with listing the Taunton & Bridgwater area events at the moment. Hopefully we will put that right later on today.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne
Modern Guitar Trio @ Dillington House, Ilminster

The Modern Gutar Trio concert is titled 'Colour and Passion' - a programme of original compositions. It starts at 8pm tonight and is free to enter. Click on the linked headline above to visit their web site.

The front of Dillington House

How do you get to Dillington House?
Directions by road: From the M5 Jnct 25 at Taunton, follow signs to Ilminster on the A358 for 8 miles. At the brown tourist sign for Barrington Court and Dillington House turn left and stay on this road for 2 and half miles to T junction. Turn right, Dillington House is a quarter mile on the left.

Directions by public transport: Bus/Route No: 30/30A, 633 Route Description/Frequency: 30/30A Taunton - Axminster (Daily) 633 Ilminster - Martock (Mon-Sat, not public holidays) Proximity to Bus Stop: 30/30A one mile from square on Silver Street 633 Passes rear entrance to Dillington House at Whitelackington Disability Access: No Other Notes: 30/30A Chard to Axminster service unavailable on Sunday and Bank Holidays. 633 Service from Taunton connect at Ilminster. From Yeovil connect at Martock.

The Editor

Monday, August 01, 2005

It's August!

Can you believe it's August?

First the good news; with the possible exception of Ilminster, all locations should now have their copies of Suited and Booted for August. (Ilminster should have theirs later today if things go to plan.)

The Taunton & Bridgwater areas had their copies a few days ago.

The only event we have listed for today is at Dillington House (just outside Ilminster) who are having their annual guitar festival. Today it's the turn of the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet to play for you.

You can access the Dillington House web site by clicking on the headline link above. Alternatively take a look at the artist's web site by going to

Have a great day!
The Editor