Saturday, January 28, 2006

File sharing bomb shell

Have you used file sharing programs to share music?
We found this on Yahoo, it could be a bit worrying for some of you out there!
Music filesharers ordered to pay fines - By Tim Castle

LONDON (Reuters) - The record industry said on Friday it had won a landmark court case against two people caught illegally swapping music on the Internet, forcing them to pay thousands of pounds in bills.

In the first case of its kind in Britain, London's High Court ruled in separate judgements that the two men were liable for illegal internet distribution of music, the British Phonographic Institute (BPI) said.

"It's the first time our assertion that file sharing is illegal has a BPI spokesman told Reuters.
"These individuals felt they had a case to defend, and the courts ruled that they emphatically don't."

The BPI said it had decided not to name the two men, a postman from Brighton and a man from King's Lynn, who it had taken to court for breaking the Copyright and Patents Act.
The judgements were made earlier this month and in November.

The man from King's Lynn was ordered to make an immediate payment of 5,000 pounds, and faces legal costs of 13,500 pounds and as well as an undecided sum for damages.
The postman, a father of two, was told to pay 1,500 pounds pending a final decision on damages and costs.

Follow the web link above to see more on this story.

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Don't sit there!
Firefighters have been ordered by health and safety officers not to sit on new chairs - until they have been warned of the dangers.

Crews, who enter burning buildings for a living, have been told they must be properly instructed by reading a specially prepared four-page manual on the reclining seats before they can be used.
Bosses at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service decided their staff should get the special instructions at the request of a union health and safety representative.

What next? Don't use that teaspoon until you have had a week of induction training on the danger of poking your eye out?

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