Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quiet Tuesday-Idiot responses in Oxford

Tuesday Events - There's not much on!

The only event we have for you today is "The Last Laugh" @ The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre in Taunton playing until the 19th.

Be careful who or what you call Gay

It's a new twist on the idea that the world has gone stark staring bonkers but in Oxford a student from Ulster was arrested for calling a Police officer's horse Gay.

This apprently homophobic remark resulted in two squad cars taking the student away for a severe talking to.

The full story is here.

In the end no charges were brought as there was no 'disorder'.

The story is to me incredible, because I lived in Oxford for a while and I always wondered where the Police were, when violence broke out or shops were broken into. Now the mystery is solved, they were out arresting students for not being sufficiently politically correct.

Here's another politically incorrect word; the Police behaved like IDIOTS!

Have a completely non PC day!

The Editor

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