Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Northern Soul in Wincanton

Northern Soul comes to Wincanton in July. It happens on the 30th and includes Sean Chapman, Ian Burt, Kid Shameless & Toyney with Jorge Lewis.

Check out the poster below.

The Editor

Mid Week & Pulp bunnies

If you need a bit of a midweek laugh check out the link in the headline above.

These guys have produced 30 second film of some of cinemas best known films with bunnies playing all the characters! You will need Quicktime installed and a broadband (or office network connection). As funny as you like!

Events for South Somerset & West Dorset
Live Music TBA @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil (we think there is music on but it may be worth checking)
Marlo @ Chicago Rock Café

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion Club, Taunton.

Bit of a quiet night then.

The Editor

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tuesday-July gigs downloadable

The July edition of Suited and Booted will be out soon (fingers crossed) but if you are in a hurry for a listing of July gigs in PDF format (South Somerset & West Dorset only at the moment) then go to the web link below and download your very own copy.

Gig news for Tuesday

South Somerset & West Dorset
Jam night @ Antelope, Crewkerne.
Acoustic Jam night @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas

Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Acoustic Jam night @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Activ8or @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton (till 9th July)

That's all folks!

The Editor

Monday, June 27, 2005

Nothing doing tonight but...

As usual there is bugger all happening tonight (that we know about anyway).
So what else is happening?

Have you got your Live8 tickets yet?

55,000 more Live 8 tickets for fans

With less than a week to go until Live 8, 55,000 more tickets have reportedly been made available so that fans to watch the event on giant screens.

Those who lost out during the original allocation via a text message competition will now be able to enjoy the show.

Space has been made available in London's Hyde Park for extra people to watch the event on giant video screens, BBC Online reported.

Details about how the new tickets will be distributed are expected to be announced by Live 8 co-ordinator Bob Geldof. There are already plans to set up giant screens in 14 other UK cities.
Saturday's show, with an actual audience of 150,000, will include Madonna, Robbie Williams and Sir Paul McCartney. The concert will highlight poverty and debt in developing countries, just days before the leaders of the world's richest countries meet in Scotland.

Over the weekend, Geldof and Chancellor Gordon Brown joined forces to gather support for the Make Poverty History campaign.

The Editor


We are looking for one or more associate writers to join the Suited and Booted team. If you enjoy writing and live music then you may be just the person we are looking for.

· You should be computer literate (we use PCs but Mac users are welcome)
· You have your own computer.
· You are capable of stringing sentences together in a generally meaningful way
· You understand the concept of a deadline.

How do you apply?
Send an article to Suited and Booted of not more than 300 words titled “Why I should be a Suited and Booted Writer”

We will accept email and printed articles but anything handwritten will be thrown in the bin. (Life is too short…)

What do you get in return?
· A pitiful amount of money per article.
· The opportunity to see your name in print.
· The opportunity to learn how to use DTP tools.
· Potential to earn commission on any advertising sold.
· Something wonderful to add to your C.V.

If this sounds like you then send your article to the Editor by email to: with the subject line WRITER

Or by post:
The Editor
PO Box 3212
BA21 3WA

There is no deadline to this but it will be a case of first come first served.

PS. There is no age restriction to this. If you are 15 and love to write or 80 and love music then go ahead and send in your piece.

The Editor

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday the weekend is here (with rain)

If you gave up on Glastonbury then how else could you spend the weekend?

Events today!
South Somerset & West Dorset
Brian McCabe @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Live Music TBA @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Annie (musical) @ Octagon Theatre, Yeovil
Dave King @ Old Barn Club, Yeovil
Loose Connections @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Off The Cuff ~ Labour Club, Yeovil
Rhythm Junkies @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Jeff Younger @ The Plucknett, Yeovil
Dave Green @ Ship Inn, Chard
Splinter @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Fleetwood Bac (tribute) @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

Roadhouse Revisited ~ Swan Inn, Sherborne

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Snappa @ The Westgate, Taunton
Abandon @ Old Market, Bridgwater
That'll Do @ Vintage, Wellington
Whiskey Mac @ Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Morph @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
Alison Jayne @ Green Dragon, Wellington
Mocking Birds @ Flying Horse, Taunton
Simon Gee @ Princess Royal,Taunton
Phoenix Singers @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton

Weather Forecast
Low cloud a high of 21 degrees C and a low of 16 degrees C
Should be OK for a bar b q then!

The Editor

Friday, June 24, 2005

We should have known!

Of course it was going to rain today, how could I have not remembered?

Glastonbury starts today, you have to have rain for Gastonbury! How else would we get pictures of people in mud and wellies?

I bet you could move the festival to any point in the year and it would still rain.

By the way if you don't have tickets then please don't go. The tickets sold out within hours of going on sale and there is a huge fence around the site to prevent illegal entry.

Watch the highlights on the telly instead; there won't be any mud...

The Editor

Friday-music-weather & stuff

If you live in Somerset then there is a good chance that around 3am this morning you were woken up by the most almighty thunderstorm, I certainly was and without enough sleep, I am feeling just a bit 'jetlagged'.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Mendeed, Burning Skies, Lords Of The Southern Priests & Incoherent @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Julie Dunn & Mike Thorne (meal booking essential) @ Jago's, Dorchester
Speed Handbag @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
BJ McCabe @ Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil
Creechers @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Chris Stuckey @ Swan Hotel, Crewkerne
Crosswired @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Sneaky Pete Und Der Vipers @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Annie (musical) @ Octagon Theatre, Yeovil
Live Music TBA @ Mermaid Inn, Sherborne
Bakelite Boys @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Turnette Doone @ The Westgate, Taunton
Sneaky Pete Und Der Vipers @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Red Hot Syncopators @ The Crown Inn, Fivehead
The Real Deal @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
The Snakes @ White Hart East Reach, Taunton
Geoff Provis @ Beam Bridge Hotel
DJ The Edge @ Vintage, Wellington
Mike Wroth @ The malt Shovel, Bridgwater
That'll Do @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
Jam Night @ Courtyard Inn, Wiveliscombe
Jiove Street @ Bridgwater Sports & Social Club
Folk Night @ Staplegrove Inn, Taunton

The Ritz acoustic club have a new website.

If you use an RSS/XML Newsreader the feed address is here:

The Editor

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Annie is the big event!

The big event tonight will be the opening of the musical show Annie at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil.

The show will run from Tuesday 21st June until Saturday 25th June nightly at 7.30pm with a Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm. The event is presented by the Yeovil Show Company with Matthew Rock as Producer and promises to be another wonderful show.

Annie features smash hits such as "Tomorrow", "Hard Knock Life", "Maybe" and many more. Tickets can be booked by calling 01935 422884, the costs are £10/£12 with Matinee seats costing £8.50.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne
Annie (musical) @ Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

In Taunton
Caught in the net @ The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

Sing along now....

The Editor

Monday, June 20, 2005

Savoy Michot Cajun Band play at South Petherton

The Savoy Michot Cajun Band will be making a welcome visit to The David Hall Arts Centre, Roundwell Street in South Petherton on Thurs 23rd June 2005 at 8pm. Bookings on Tel: 01460 240 340.

These five young Cajun musicians are dedicated to preserving the authenticity of traditional early Cajun music of Louisiana.

Led by Wilson Savoy on accordion; the 21 year old son of Marc and Ann Savoy also jamms regularly with the Cajun legends at the Savoy Music Centre in Eunice and plays in the western swing band, The Red Stick Ramblers and in The Savoy Family Band

Louis Michot has toured the world with the band Les Freres Michot from 15yrs old. Louis has performed with Ray Abshire, Merlin Fontenot, Jesse Leger, Wilson Savoy and Mitch Reed and with Cajun groups; McIlhenny’s Hot Pepper, Zack Huval’s Old Trash Pile Road, and Charivari.

Lafayette born Bobby Michot plays immaculate rhythm guitar and sings in the unique style that typifies the Cajun vocals. Playing since 1982, he formed “Les Freres Michot” with his four brothers and has toured the World with musicians such as the late Eddie Lejeune and Nonc Allie Young.

Rising Creole star Cedric Watson plays twin fiddle alongside Louie as well as playing drums. Cedric started playing the fiddle as a child. James Adams, a Houston-based DJ, mentored him and introduced him to the local Creole and Cajun community.

Ashley Wilson adds the distinctive beat on the ‘tit fer (Cajun triangle) with a style that only the real Cajuns can deliver.

The Editor

Events for Monday?

Did you watch the Formula One race yesterday? What a farce! For those that missed the actual event it was the USA Grand Prix, Michelin had problems with the safety of its tyres and would not / could not guarantee that their tyres would last the race. As a result only 6 cars took part all on Bridgestone tyres, two Ferraris, two Jordans and two Minardis....guess who won.

Formula One sinks ever further into a mire of its own making. (We say this as fans as well!)

Local Events
Monday is obviously the hangover recovery day for the previous weekend. Perhaps because of this there is nothing on tonight except the Open Mic Night at the Westgate in Taunton.

Why not take this opportunity to just chill out and relax?

The Editor

Montacute Folk, Blues & Jazz Fest Cancelled

We have been notified by Promoters, Mumbo Duck that their Folk, Blues & Jazz event that was planned for 26th till 28th August will not now be taking place.

Mumbo Duck released the following statement:
Owing to circumstances beyond our control, Mumbo Duck regret that the first Montacute Folk, Blues & Jazz Festival will not take place. We would like to offer our apologies to all concerned and assure advance ticket purchasers that a full refund will be made for all tickets bought.

Full details of Mumbo Duck events can be found at their web site (follow the link above).

The Editor

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday events & Green Fair

SUNDAY JUNE 19TH 12 noon –7pm
Expect the same magic mix ………..and more!
The Community Green Fair is building a good reputation as a creative, fun day out which brings together people from all walks of life together to find out about and support local sustainable initiatives of all kinds. Click the title link above to go to their web site.

There will be plenty of music at the fair:
The following performers will be appearing during the day in the Music Tent on the festival site:

Dislecksick: A 3 piece Punk/ska/funk band from yeovil. They started out in early April 2004. The band started with Mick on drums but he is now gone but is a great supporter of the band. The line up now is Chris on drums Ben on Bass and Joe Guitar and Vocals. They have been influenced by many bands especially Sublime, Greenday and RHCP. Download Tia Maria by Dislecksick by clicking here (3.5 mbyte mp3 file)

Encyclopedia: "The music is sort of a... urgh... techno pop""An electronic power pop duo. They combine the new wave synth pop of the 80s with a modern indie rock approach to create a unique sonic experience!After the huge success of their debut show, Encyclopedia has gone on to play many local gigs and have built up a large, enthusiastic following. With their sights firmly set on finding a wider audience, they started recording their first CD in September with Jon Sweet (Colin Blunstone, Gordon Haskell) producing. The result was the five track EP 'Young Hearts' which presents the Encyclopedia trademark sound and their song writing potential.
For more details check out the Encyclopedia website here.

El Dopa

Morgan Rattler: Mike Hall - vocals, guitar and mandolaSharon Martin - violin, viola and vocals Objectives: To strip folk music back to its emotional core. It has been over-intellectualised to the point where gigs have become like lectures. Not to stop people from thinking, but to let them feel as well. To not play every slide and note as it has been written down or how it ought to be played. To reserve the right to change, improvise and reinvent any piece of music, in the tradition of interpretation. To be proud to get tunes wrong. To reclaim this music which comes from and belongs to ordinary people. It is not the preserve of the star or the virtuoso and technically gifted. Anyone who plays, and feels it, should play it. To not set musical boundaries: from traditional to Sinatra, country to show tunes, soul to punk, it all falls into folk. To create a big sound playing acoustic instruments with no effects, just sweat, frets, bows, notes and passion. Finally, we aim to annoy cliques, snobs and purists, and with a drunken swagger and a clutch of wrong notes to force both fingers into their ears.

Download Benjamin Bowmaneer by Morgan Rattler by clicking here. (2.2 mbyte windows-media-player file).

Blackdown Youth Folk Band: The Blackdown Folk Band was established some years ago to provide an opportunity for children of all ranges of musical ability to experience playing traditional music. Over the years it has had a variety of members, children and adults, and has played at fetes, concerts, folk clubs and festivals. Our music is mostly learnt by ear, everyone contributes to the arrangements - we just love playing!

The Ceilidh Cruisers: A young people's Folk Band, based in Crewkerne (hence the name), who play for Barn Dances and Ceilidhs. Ages range from 10 to 16 and instruments can include Fiddles, Flutes, Melodeon, Harp, Cello, Viola, Dumbek (A North African drum), Accordion and Guitar. The Band has played for Village Dances, New Year Dances and The Chard Festival. They can be contacted via 01460 73052.

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Crack @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil
Tobacco Road @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club, Yeovil
Julie Dunn & Matt Hodgins @ Kings Arms, Stockland
Band Night - various acts @ Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil
South Somerset Green Fair @ South Petherton

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Crosswired @ Old Market, Bridgwater
Stacey @ The White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Muso's Jam Session @ The Alma, Taunton
Studio 37 @ Cobblestones Inn, Bridgwater
South Somerset Green Fair @ South Petherton

The Editor

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Fun

Mega Night at Flicks in Yeovil
Friday June 17th @ Flicks (Yeovil)
JESSE JAMES Punk/Ska band from London, toured with Save Ferris, Lightyear, OPM, Alkaline Trio. Had their vieos on heavy rotaition on MTV2 / Kerrang. Have a habit of selling out Yeovil Shows stupidly early.

BATTLESKA GALACTICA Piece Ska machine, voted into the slot by users of the SWM forum by an overwhelming majority, Battleska Galactica are planning world domination... it's just going a little slower than expected.

BOK CHOI a band who write fast catchy songs about mullets and how harrision ford is somewhat better than jesus... Well that would be Bok Choi.

KRAY 5 piece with elements of Punk, Ska, Metal play their first ever flicks show. So pop down early and give them some support.

Tickets £5 - Door £6On Sale Now@ Acorn Music & + http://www.bristolticketshop.comdoors/Doors 7pm

Events in the South Somerset & West Dorset areas
Jesse James, Battleska Galactica, Bok Choi, Kray @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Tim Pittman @ Mermaid Inn, Sherborne
Police 2 (Police tribute) @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Jingo @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil

Not the finest image of Jingo but it is the only one we could find!

Crosswired @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Robbed Dylan @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
The Ropey House Band @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Karl Webber @ Quicksilver Mail

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater Area
Gee Baby I Love You @ Milverton Music Club
Worried Men @ The Westgate, Taunton
Barry Paull as Elvis @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
John Man Of Strings @ Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Robbed Dylan @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Arthur Shaw @ Vintage, Wellington
Burning Chrome @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
Jive/Rock'n'Roll @ North Petherton, Rugby Club
Martin Lock @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
Chicken @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
That'll Do @ Rose & Crown, Huish Episcopi

The Editor

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday & Thursday

ePIMP (eBay) ends Live 8 ticket sale after Geldof jibe

LONDON (Reuters) - Internet auction site eBay ended a sale of free Live 8 tickets on Tuesday after Bob Geldof, the organiser of the awareness-raising concerts, labelled the site an "electronic pimp" and urged people to swamp it.

Tickets to the star-studded London show, which aims to pressure world leaders into fighting poverty in Africa, were given away to the winners of a text lottery. But they immediately started appearing on eBay for hundreds of pounds.

Geldof criticised the site and urged people to swamp it with bogus offers of tickets or massively inflated bids.

"What I would ask you to do tonight is to get on eBay and mess up the system," he told Sky News.

"Everyone should go on and pretend they have got tickets for Live 8 ... otherwise go on and bid ridiculous amounts of money for the tickets already on the site," said the feisty Irish rocker.
His appeal did not go unheeded. Within minutes bids which had been running in the hundreds of pounds surged to 10 million pounds.

Here are your live events for Wednesday & Thursday this week.

In South Somerset & West Dorset
Wednesday 15th June

Rob Koral and Zoe Schwarz ~ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil

Zoe Singing!

The Riverbrew ~ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil

Thursday 16th June
Brendon @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Relocate @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Spoon Fed @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil
Cart-L @ White Horse, Wincanton
Jam Night @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil

In Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Wednesday 15th June
Comedy Club @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion Club, Taunton

Thursday 16th June
The Ludes & support @ Palace, Bridgwater
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz, Burnham on sea
Beach Boys Inc. @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
House Band @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Apple County Chorus @ Tacchi Morris Arts Centre
Jive Inn Rock 'n' Roll @ Princess Royal, Taunton

We will be back with more event news on Friday.

The Editor

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Advance Gigs at Yeovil Labour Club again?

It looks almost certain that there will be occasional Advance Promotions gig at Yeovil Labour Club again. The first one is planned for Friday the 1st of July and will probably happen at least once a month.

This date was confirmed but now it appears that Will Blake will need to meet with the committee to finalise details.

The Days In December / Firstborn / Che / The Cedar Falls gig on July 1st will almost certainly be at the Labour Club but please check with the website or people a week before.

The tickets say Flicks Bar on them but that because they were printed weeks before this was decided.

click link for more details/discuss

The Editor

Tuesday Live Happenings

Not much on for tonight.....

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Roll Out The Barrell @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

Other News
Cats use fax as toilet and spark house fire

According to a story on Yahoo pissing pussies can be bad news: TOKYO (Reuters) - Two kittens picked the wrong place to relieve themselves when they urinated on a fax machine, sparking a fire that extensively damaged their Japanese owner's house.

Investigators in the western city of Kobe have concluded that the fire in January was caused by a spark generated when the urine soaked the machine's electrical printing mechanism.
The fire damaged the kitchen and living room before it was put out by the house's owner, who was treated for mild smoke inhalation, said Masahito Oyabu, a fireman at the Nagata fire station in central Kobe.

The kittens quickly ran to safety, he added.

"If you have a cat, or a dog for that matter, be careful where they urinate," Oyabu said. "Especially keep them away from electrical appliances and wires."

You have been warned!

The Editor

Open Air Theatre at Montacute House

Fans of Shakespeare might want to check an open air performance at Montacute House near Yeovil this week.

The Festival Players Theatre company present 'A Misdummer Nights Dream' on the East Terrace. Bring seating and warm clothing. Picnics allowed.

Midsummer Nights Dream,
East Terrace, Montacute House, Montacute
Start Date: 17, June, 2005
Start time - 19:30 Prices - advance - adults £10.00, children (under 17) £6.00 - on the night - adults £13.00 children (under 17) £9.00
Suitable for Disabled
Toilets for the Disabled
For more details please contact: 0870 3000 579 / 01935 823289

The Editor

Monday, June 13, 2005

Are You A Keyboard Player?

Keyboard player wanted for reformed jazz band (trad/swing).

Work waiting, mainly pubs clubs functions and enjoyment. West Dorset East Devon South Somerset area.

Contact Tony 01297 445693

The Editor

Monday morning feeling fine!

Did you have a great weekend? We hope so because there five days till the next one!

Mondays are normally pretty quiety and we aren't go to buck the trend today...nothing going in South Somerset or West Dorset tonight and just the Open Mic night at the Westgate in Taunton for you to enjoy.

However we can take this opportunity to tell you about the Beaminster Festival that starts later this month.

This will be the 10th Beaminster Festival of Music and Visual Arts. In celebration they have a performance and visual extravaganza, with more events than ever.

Headlining this year’s Festival is Nicola Benedetti, the brilliant young virtuoso violinist and 2004 BBC Young Musician of the Year, who is taking the music world by storm.

Musical and performance highlights include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who kick-starts the celebrations, accompanied by a mouth watering hog roast, and the sounds of Mukka,described as the sensation of Glastonbury; an open air production of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’; the Sorrel Quartet; Billy Bragg and his Band; and as a grand finale, music and dance from the exotic Kissmet and a spectacular firework display.

The Visual Arts boasts nine separate venues, including an exhibition of 27 painters, potters and textile designers in the Public Hall, and at weekends an eclectic display of woodworkers, furniture designers, metalworkers, ceramists and sculptors in Beaminster House.

The festival runs from Friday 24th JUne until Sunday 3rd July and you can find out all the details by visiting the dedicated web site

The Editor

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday: The Weekend Is Here!

Lots of things on today and it looks as if we might have some good weather for the day as well! Follow the link above for easy to make Bar-B-Que sauce, it's the right day for it!

Live Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Norman Lindon @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club, Yeovil
Sarah Best & Paul Ellis (Classical concert for Cancer Research) @ St John's Church, Yeovil
Pocket Shotgun @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
VE Day 1940s Evening @ North Coker House, East Coker
Skinful @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Mustang Sally @ Labour Club, Yeovil
Alias @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Arthur Shaw @ Ship Inn, Chard
Party At Sherborne Castle Event featuring Ben Waters, Cut Collective, Bill Sheffield & Dave
Saunders, Rob Koral-Zoe Schwarz Quintet @ Sherborne Castle

Ben Waters will be getting all boogie-woogie on the piano at The Party @ Sherborne Castle today!

X-Teller @ Swan Inn, Sherborne
The Mocking Birds @ Old Barn Club, Yeovil

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
3 Daft Monkeys @ The Westgate, Taunton
Catch 23 @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Two Stooges @ Vintage, Wellington
Outsider @ Old Market, Bridgwater
Live Music @ Green Dragon, Wellington
Christina @ Princess Royal, Taunton
That'll Do @ Holcombe Regus Village Hall
Record Hop @ Weston Super Mare Football Club
Roger Lendon @ Flying Horse, Taunton
Taunton Dean Male Voice Choir @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton

Have Fun!

The Editor

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fantastic Friday

Lots of good things happening this weekend!

Today sees the start of the Party @ Sherborne Castle. If you have not yet bought your ticket then call 01935 815341 and reserve yours today! The gates open at 5pm and the music runs from 6.30 till 11pm. There is a real ale tent, traditional, ethnic and vegetarian food. There will also be a raffle; not sure what the prizes are though!

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Rello Cherry Jelly Jam @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Morellos @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Mojo @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Lewis @ Swan Inn, Sherborne
Secret 7 @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Loose Connections @ Ropemakers, Bridport
Tungstem, Five Knuckle, My Vendetta & TBA @ Flicks Bar
Chris Jagger's 'Atcha' @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis
Party At Sherborne Castle Event, featuring Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Tinna Turner trib., Sirius B & Fat Marrow Blues Band @ Sherborne Castle
Live Music TBA @ Mermaid Inn, Sherborne

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Remedy @ The Westgate, Taunton
The Stealers @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
Bradninch Music Festival @ Bradninch
Blazing Stump Folk Club @ Royal Oak, Taunton
Flagon @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Lost Boys @ The White Hart, E. Reach, Taunton
Arthur Shaw @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
Graduate @ Vintage, Wellington
Kangaroo Half Moon @ Wookey Hole Inn
Chris Rainbow @ Beam Bridge Hotel
Jam Night @ Courtyard Inn, Wivey
Natasha ~ Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Secret 7 @ Green Dragon Combe St Nicholas
Frozen (play) @ Brewhouse Theatre (+11th)

Have Fun

The Editor

Thursday, June 09, 2005

LLAMA Festival this weekend-starts Friday

Tomorrow (Friday 10th) sees the start on the Lynton & Lynmouth Music Festival. Here we have listed all the events happening across the whole weekend. For those who aren't sure Lynton is on the North Devon coast.

Full listing for Lynton & Lynmouth Music Festival 2005 (10th – 12th June)
Festival presented by LLAMA (Lynton & Lynmouth Arts and Music Association)
Full information from Or call 01598 753980 or 01598 752736

Friday 10th June
‘Overnight Launch’
Lynton Town Hall. Lee Road, Lynton, Devon, EX35
8pm – 2am (first act 8.15pm)
Tickets £10 in advance from Pure Retail Therapy, Lynton; or call festival info on 01598 753980 and 01598 752736 (available from 2 May 2005)
A total musical mash-up with -
Big Joan
The Cohorts
DJs Todd and Nathan

Saturday 11th June
‘Jazz on the Green’
Lynmouth Manor Grounds, Lynmouth, Devon, EX35
1.30pm – 5.30pm
An afternoon of contemporary and vibrant jazz, by the sea in Lynmouth with
Stewart Curtis’ K-Groove
John Etheridge and friends
Sirius B

Saturday 11th June
‘FilmsWithinTent ’
Lynmouth Manor Grounds, Lynmouth, Devon, EX35
1pm – 6pm
London’s Halloween Society present some wild urban films to the wild youth of Exmoor (in a tent!) showing - Dogtown and the Z-Boys; Worlds of Possibility (10 years of Domino Records); Artrocker; Roll Deeper; Rocklands; Skate Shorts

Saturday 11th June
‘Upstairs in Lynton’
Queen Street, Lynton, Devon, EX35
6.30pm – 11.30pm
The street comes alive with top-class acts and top-class festival goers
Zion Train
Big Boss Man
Obedient Bone
Pip Dylan
(compere Steve Adams – The Broken Family Band)

Sunday 12th June
‘Downstairs in Lynmouth’
Lynmouth Manor Grounds, Lynmouth, Devon, EX35
1.30pm – 7pm
Free - An afternoon of weird and wonderful sounds down by the sea in Lynmouth with compere Steve Lamacq (Radio 1 and 6 live)
The Larry Love Showband
The Broken Family Band
Fence Collective
Misty’s Big Adventure
The Amy Newton Band
(BUSKING competition starts at 12 noon to 1.30pm in Lynmouth)

Sunday 12th June
‘MusicWithinTent ’
Lynmouth Manor Grounds, Lynmouth, Devon, EX35
2.15pm – 8pm
An afternoon of intimate and sensitive sounds down by the sea in Lynmouth (in a tent!)
James Yorkston
King Cresoste
Rose Kemp
The Pictish Trail

Confirmed Fringe events

Friday 10th June
The Crown Hotel, Lynton
From 8pm
Fence Collective – ‘Bar Room Drawl’ with Scottish sea-shanties

Exmoor Sandpiper, Countisbury
From 8pm
Gary Dunne (top Irish singer-songwriter)

Saturday 11th June
Beggars Roost Inn, Barbrook
From 1pm
Fat Marrow’s Bluesband

Sunday 12th June
Beggars Roost Inn, Barbrook
From 1pm
Fat Marrow’s Bluesband

The Crown Hotel, Lynton
From 8pm
Claude Bourbon – Gallic blues picking at its best

There should be something there for everyone!
Enjoy the weekend.

The Editor

Off Topic Subject-Police & Taser Stun Gun

If you ever had just a tiny concern about UK Police being issued with Taser Stun guns then this web link probably isn't going to help.

A cliping from the web site

Take a look at this US Police video footage:

Is this really the way we want to go in theUK?

According to Amnesty International more than 70 people have been killed through the use of Taser weapons in the USA.

Follow this link for more impartial information.

At present 15 Police forces in England and Wales are equipped with Taser weapons but they are only issued to firearms trained officers (so far).

Avon & Somerset Force planned to spend £50,000 on Taser equipment in the finacial year 2004-2005 according to the Avon and Somerset Police Authority website

To be honest it frightens the crap out of me to know that UK Police forces are starting to use these things and I am a generally law abiding citizen! On the other hand perhaps that is the whole point.

The Editor

This Must Be The Summer!

Wow the sun is still shining on a Thursday! Let's hope there is some left for the weekend.

So what could you be listening to this evening?

Live Music In South Somerset & West Dorset
Jam Night @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Matt Dyer @ White Horse, Wincanton
Crazy 88 @ Choughs Hotel, Chard

Ambidextrous (comedy drag artiste) @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Live Music TBA @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil

Live Music In Taunton & Bridgwater Areas
Jazz Jam @ The Westgate, Taunton
Ritz Acoustic Club @ The Ritz, Burnham on Sea
House Band @ The White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Apple County Chorus @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre
Jive Rock 'n' Roll @ The Princess Royal, Taunton

We have just had some information in on the Somerton Festival so we will tell you more about that later today!

The Editor

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Still looking for a Book Keeper!

We are still looking for a Book Keeper.

Usual duties will be raising invoices, maintaining the books and reporting the results.

This is job for a Self Employed person (we are not about to start doing the PAYE thing!)

At the momemt we have Sage loaded as our accounts software but are contemplating a change.

If you are experienced in the Book Keeping arts and would like a few extra hours of work each month then get in touch today!

Send an email to or call 01935 477 596 (leave a message if there is no answer)


The Editor

Music at Flicks, Yeovil on June 10th

Friday June 10th @ Flicks (Yeovil)

One of Uk's finest and most respected Punk/Hardcore bands of all time have decided to call it a day. This will be your last chance to see them in Yeovil ever again.

BEST OF ENEMIES Fast punkrock from Exeter. Can be found on the latest Drive Thru records compilation.

GOATORCYCLE ex members of Sharia Law & Exit Wound play their debut show. You want to see this! Both bands were excellent individually.

MY VENDETTA Young local band make their first ever apperance at Flicks.

Tickets £5 - Door £6On Sale Now@ Acorn Music & +
Doors 7pm

The Editor

Wednesday already

Is it just us or is the week just racing away?

What's on today for you to listen to?

In Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Hoppy Horton @ The Westgate, Taunton
Ritz Acoustic Club @ Ritz, Burnham on Sea
House Band @ The White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Apple County Chorus @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
Jive Inn Rock 'n' Roll @ Princess Royal, Taunton

In South Somerset & West Dorset
Live Music TBA @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Makerfield @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil

Enjoy the day (and night)

The Editor

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday events

Well as ever this Tuesday is pretty quiet. However there are two jam nights tonight (if that makes sense!)

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Jazz Jam @ Jazz Club at Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne

The Antelope jam night features in the June edition of Suited and Booted so have a look before you go.

The Editor

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday night and got the blues!

There is just one gig on tonight that we know about but it should be a great one! If you have not already booked your ticket then do it very soon; this one will be a sell out!

Bill Sheffield with Dave Saunders @ Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

The Editor

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Julie Dunn @ The Alex, Yeovil, Tonight



SPECIAL GUESTS GUY GARDNER ON PIANO [recently appeared at Sherborne Jazz Club, delightfully lyrical player]


JULIE [for the first time in this season of "Alex" dates] escaping from behind the piano [!] and leading the quartet on VOCALS.......

The Editor

Live Jazz Sunday Night

We just discovered that there will be a live jazz event at 8pm in the Phelips Arms in Montacute tonight. We aren't sure who is playing so give them a call to find out more!

The Editor


Elliott Randall – Steely Dan’ premier guitarist – whose guitar solos on Steely Dan's "Reelin' In The Years" and "Fame" (the motion picture) have entered Rock history annals – will be making a special guest appearance in Ben Water’s set at Sherborne Castle on Saturday, 11th June.
Elliott has recorded and performed with artists as diverse as The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, Seatrain, The Blues Brothers, Carl Wilson, Peter Wolf, Peter Frampton, James Galway, Richie Havens, The Rochester Philharmonic and The American Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

He is currently recording a new CD in London, New York, and Ireland which blends together Celtic, Afro-Cuban and other global musical influences.

But Ben wasn’t content to invite one mate along to the party – he’s invited two!
Chris Jagger has been singing and playing from an early age, turned on by many of the same influences as Mick (and contributing to two Stones albums ‘Dirty work’ and ‘Steel Wheels’) but it was the release of the album 'Atcha' in 1994 that Chris established his musical identity and plotted a course that combines Chris's interest in Zydeco, Cajun and Country with the underlying strands of R'n'B, Rock and World music.

In 1996 Chris recorded an acoustic album with long term associates Ben Waters and Charlie Hart and recently Chris, Charlie Hart and Ben Waters appeared on BBC Radio 3’s Andy Kershaw Show and Radio 4's Ned Sherrin’s Loose Ends.

To see Ben Waters, Elliott Randall and Chris Jagger at Sherborne Castle’s Party at The Castle, you can ring the box office on 01935 815341 or go online at

The Editor

Live music on Sunday

Not much local live music on today in South Somerset & West Dorset but here's what there is.

James Gibson @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Crazy 88 @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil

We managed to catch Crawfish playing at the Swan Hotel in Crewkerne on Friday. They played some great blues driven rock music (love the harp) but sadly the pub was not packed out. Come on Crewkerne music lovers, support your local venues!

On the same night we caught the second set from Loose Connections who were playing at the Fleur De Lys in Stoke Sub Hambdon. There'e not a huge amount of room in the bar and the place was filled almost to overflowing. The band seemed to be rocking along very nicely even though they probably felt as if they were playing in the middle of a crowd scene!

The Editor

Friday, June 03, 2005

Into Metal / Emo? Band Members Needed

Metal/Emo band members wanted from Taunton / Chard area. age 15 - 17 ish.
Should be experienced.
Own equipment required.
Should be dedicated and have transport avaliable to get to practices.
Todd McDonagh plays guitar and drums so e-mail him at and you can arrange the line up.

The Editor

Drummer Needed!

The Makin' Bacon Blues Band need a drummer. This is not a youff opportunity but might suit someone who likes to hang around with musicians in their 50's. No influences that we would care to blame - its all classic rock 'n roll & rhythm & blues stuff but they do it their way. If you have a sense of humour and commitment phone Jit Davies on 07951 014517 or e-mail:

The Editor

Live music for Friday 3rd June

If the Crazy Frog ringtone is not quite your musical style then why not check out some of the live music available tonight?

What's on tonight in South Somerset & West Dorset?

Freak Circus @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Jinder @ Grasshopper, Parkstone
Eden Maine, Sparks Lights And Flames Forgotten Enemy & Second Smile @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Crawfish @ Swan Hotel, Crewkerne
Loose Connections @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Bell & Brumpon @ Mermaid Inn, Sherborne

The Editor

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We still need a Book Keeper!

I just re-read the last post; as I job requirement I listed Compter Literate...der!

We need someone who can spell as well!

If you are interested you can also send an email to

The Editor

Book Keeper Needed!

As Suited and Booted grows bigger each month its becomes more difficult to manage all the paperwork needed to make it happen. So we are looking for a Self Employed Book Keeper to help us out.

A few hours work each month ought to do it but flexibility of work hours will be key.

So if you are:

Sage software savvy
Compter literate
Have worked at establishing accounting systems
Enjoy flexible working
and possibly enjoy music!

Get in touch by calling 01935 477 596 today!

The Editor

Sorry about the non-posting

Hi Folks

Life has been mega busy over the last few months and as a consequence the blog has suffered.

However now we are back in the swing of things and hopefully you will see new postings here each day.

The June edition of the South Somerset & West Dorset edition is out now and if you have not seen a copy yet then you will very soon!

The Editor