Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday events & deadlines

This Friday is DEADLINE DAY for the April edition of Suited and Booted.

Make sure you send us all your advertising needs, event details and gig listings on or before Friday 17th March!

Events today in West Dorset & South Somerset
Lazy Lester @ Courtyard, Lulworth Castle, East Lulworth
Hay Fever' (play) @ Swan Theatre, Yeovil

Events today in Taunton & Bridwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion Club, Taunton

Fantastic! We saw this Reuters report and thought you might enjoy it!
Beer flows from house taps in Norway

OSLO (Reuters) - A woman thought she was in heaven when beer instead of water flowed from the taps in her apartment in west Norway.

"I turned on the tap to clean some knives and forks and beer came out," Haldis Gundersen told Reuters from her home in Kristiansund, west Norway. "We thought we were in heaven."
Beer in Norway is among the most expensive in the world with a 0.4 litre (0.7 pint) costing about 50 crowns (4.3 pounds) in a bar.

Gundersen said she tried the beer but that it tasted a bit odd and was not fizzy.

It turned out that a worker in a bar two floors below had mixed up the pipes on Saturday evening, wrongly connecting a new barrel to a water pipe leading to Gundersen's flat. The bar got water in its beer taps.
"If it happens again I'm going to order Baileys (coffee liqueur)," she said.

Have a beery great day!

The Editor

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