Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Want to join an old style Ska band?

We had a call today from Jan Reay who is in the process of setting up a Ska band. Today the band is already a five piece but they feel that the sound would be complete if they had:

1) A trombone player
2) A keyboard player

Jan says their style is more Jamaican Ska than '80s style including plenty of instrumentals. Practice session will be held between Sherborne and Dorchester. So if the geography works for you and the thought of playing Ska live gets your blood moving then give Jan a call on 01300 345 173.

Jan's other musical incarnation is Foo Foo and if you enjoy musical creativity and something different from the usual tribute bands then give them a try. You can find out more from the Foo Foo web site http://www.thechicksfromthesticks.co.uk/

The Editor

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