Thursday, September 01, 2005

First day of September

Well I guess with September here Autumn has probably arrived or at least will be with us very soon.

If you have been watching the TV over the last two days the coverage has been universally bad news whether from hirrican Katrina in the USA or the stampede of people who were crushed in Iraq.

So if you would like to hear about some of the good news that is happening in the world click this link, (it's non-religious). It just might help brighten your day!

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
Chard Remains @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Crazy 88 @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Freak Circus @ White Horse, Wincanton
Jam Night @ Woods Wine Bar

Unfortunately we can't tell you about the Taunton area yet...but we will soon!

Dumb things not to do:
Party bank raid joke backfires
Thursday September 1, 08:53 AM
Michael Lyons thought he'd come up with a great practical joke for his daughter's birthday party -- but he stopped laughing as soon as he was arrested.

As the man from Georgia, USA stopped by a bank with the party guests, he convinced one of his daughter's 13-year-old pals to hand a note to a cashier, stating, "Give me all of your money, this is a stick-up."

The cashier sounded the alarm and police stormed the building.

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