Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sherborne Jazz on Saturday night

At sherbornejazz this Saturday, in conjunction with Bristol's BeBop Club, They're proud to be bringing this fantastic band over from Holland for just two UK dates.

The Jazz Club came across Yaniv's band playing in a small club in Amsterdam and were really excited and mightily impressed with what they heard

Yaniv Nachum is a phenomenal sax player from Israel, who studied and has subsequently taught at the Manhattan School of Music. Pianist Franz Von Chossy is from Germany, as is bassist Cord Heineking, whilst drummer Anssi Lehtivuori is from Finland.Click Here for some sound clips.There's a really nice article on the jazz discussion website This is some of what they have to say about Yaniv's band: "They can claim all the elaborate world music influences they want to, but the ultimate result is these guys simply rock! What they play is highly energetic and intelligent modern jazz that is generally straight-ahead, with the extra influences providing an accent rather than a dominating presence ... anyone familiar with Chris Potter - one of the players Nachum has worked with - ought to get a kick out of hearing a similar voice with a foreign accent, so to speak."

As usual it'll be at The Plume of Feathers at 8:00pm - prices £10 / £8 / £5 for non-members; members & stuends respectively.If you would like more info. about this gig or the club in general, please check the sherbornejazz website or give them a call on 01935 410881

If you haven't already been to hear jazz at The Plume of Feathers, then you probably don't know about one of the West Country's greatest musical assets sherbornejazz. It's been evolving for more than fifteen years in different venues in and around town. The sherbornejazz venue at the Plume of Feathers has a low-key atmosphere so you can stand or sit and chat at the back and no-one will mind. Stage lighting illuminates the players, candles light the tables, so you can merge into the background and just listen if you prefer. The tables at the front are non-smoking.By some fluke of physics - and an excellent Yamaha PA system - it's one of those rooms with surprisingly good acoustic properties so you can hear what's going on equally well at the back or the front.

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