Friday, February 25, 2005

Got that Friday feeling?

Here we are again ready for the weekend. We have just put the March edition of the magazine to bed and it is possible there will be some delay in getting it out for the first of the month; keep your fingers crossed!

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Happy In Your Work?
It seems that Hairdressers are the happiest workers, while civil servants, social workers and architects are the unhappiest, a new poll shows.

Two out of five hairdressers said they were extremely happy in their job, according to a survey of 1,200 employees by UK qualifications body City & Guilds.

Next in the happiness league were members of the clergy, chefs, beauticians and plumbers. The poll, released Friday, also showed that workers were happier than a year ago.

It turns out that "White Collar" workers are the least happy (or most miserable if you prefer). So if you are reading this you are probably not happy in your work!

Here is the table of top ten jobs for happiness.

Percentage of workers who said they were happy at work:
1) Hairdressers 40%
2) Clergy 24%
3) Chefs/cooks 23%
4) Beauticians 22%
5) Plumbers 20%
6) Mechanics 20%
7) Builders 20%
8) Electricians 18%
9) Florists 18%
10) Fitness Instructors 18%
Source: City & Guilds

Perhaps it's time for a new career!

The Editor

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