Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thursday Music, Theatre & Politics!

There's a nice selection of theatrical & musical events on tonight, whether you enjoy just listening or joining in the music making.

Live events in the South Somerset and West Dorset area.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Garlic Theatre @ Village Hall, Clapton & Wayford

Brendon (Brian Adams, Bon Jovi tribute) @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Jim Diamond & Snake Davis @ David Hall Arts Centre, S.Petherton
Live Music TBA @ Stars Lane Café Bar, Yeovil
Border Jam @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil

Live events in the Taunton and Bridgwater area
Apple County Chorus meet ~ Tacchi-Morris Centre, Taunton
Live Jazz ~ The Cross Keys, Taunton
Live Blues/Jazz ~ Quantock Gateway, Bridgwater
Chirs & Kellie While ~ Bridgwater Arts Centre

Sort of an interesting contrast in the news today.
Last night we learnt that Home Office would no longer detain in prison, foreign nationals who they suspect of terrorism, because this detention has been ruled by the Law Lords as being discriminatory. Instead anyone suspected of terrorist intentions can held under house arrest without a trial, oh and this includes you and me as well, otherwise it would still be discriminatory.

Just to make this clear, if the Home Secretary thinks you are a terrorist, you can be held under house arrest indefinitely. There is no trial and there is no right for you to see the evidence against you.

Do you trust a politician enough to give him that amount of power?

Today is also Holocaust Memerial day and the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It's worth remembering that the Nazis who created 'The Final Solution', were voted in to power by well meaning people who failed to hold their Government to account.

We should never let a Government take powers, where those powers can not be restricted or tested by a court of law; the history lessons are clear.

The Editor

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