Monday, January 10, 2005

Band practice space needed in Yeovil

We received the following plea from Richard Oborne, the drummer in a young new band. As you can read below, they desperately need to find some practice space. If you can help then please send an email to and help a new band get started.

I am in a 4 piece rock band that has loads of ideas, but nowhere to practice!

We are all 15 and 16 and all students at either Bucklersmead Comunity school or Yeovil college but we have had no success in finding somewhere to practice in Yeovil for free, as you can imagine money is tight and what money we have is spent on equipment.
We are a serious band and have plenty of experiance from previous bands. Also, we have all taken music in some form, from a subject to out of school lessons.

If you could suggest somewhere in Yeovil that would be free, wouldnt mind some noise, and be available Saturdays, preferably between 11 and 7, we would be sooo greatful!

Thank you for taking our time reading this letter.

Rich - Band drummer, 15

Please send us an email if you think you can help.

The Editor

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