Thursday, January 13, 2005

Back to the blogging!

Well we are back from our various travels and so you can expect more regular updates here on the blog site.

Have you seen the picture of Prince Harry in the Nazi uniform? Have you heard the commotion it has caused? We all know (well most of us know), that the Nazis ran an evil regime but surely the point of a fancy dress costume is not to glorify the figure, but make fun of it. If you go to a fancy dress party as Hitler, Saddam Hussein or even Tony Blair it is to poke fun at people who have been defeated in some way. (Of course the verdict may still be open on Mr Blair.)

Yes it was a stupid thing to do, but surely all those people saying it was an evil should apply themselves to erradicating the real evil in the world; there is plenty of that to work on. Or perhaps that's just too much like hard work...

Live Music
Things are begining to pick up now that the New Year is well out of the way. The number of venues playing host to live music is increasing so it's easier to get out there and find some that you can enjoy.

What's Happening on Thursday night?

South Somerset and West Dorset Area

Crazy 88 @ Stars Lane Café Bar, Yeovil

Crazy88 when they played at the Forresters Arms, 2004

Breeze @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard

Taunton and Bridgwater Area

Peter Pan ~ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton (Until the 29th)
Apple County Chorus meet ~ Tacchi-Morris Centre, Taunton
Live Blues/Jazz ~ Quantock Gateway, Bridgwater

Have fun!
The Editor

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