Sunday, December 19, 2004

Us and Them at Flicks

Those of you who got to Flicks in Yeovil on Sunday night, will have no doubt greatly enjoyed the Pink Floyd tribute show put on by 'Us and Them'.

Us and Them playing at Flicks in Yeovil on 19 December

Flicks was relatively quiet as Jason and the guys started, but the bar filled with people as the evening progressed. They ran through the whole 'Wall' album and once an early lighting glitch had been sorted, the light show was very impressive. The backdrop had projections of the Wall film showing at key moments and some great lighting effects throughtout.

In the second half there were tracks from 'Wish you were here' and 'Dark side of the moon' although our favourite was 'Once of these days I'm gonna cut you into little pieces'; which we think is from Ummagumma, but someone will correct us if that's wrong! These were followed by a couple of atracks from the later albums and an encore. A good show, well presented. Nice one!

The Editor

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