Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tuesday night ID cards not required

Well it seems that Parliament is determined to take away our freedoms by making us carry ID cards (for those who think this might be a good thing might want to check the some of the arguments at www.no2id.net); just one small step from here to microchips under the skin and a full on Police state. Absolutely nothing to worry about though....

Tonight the music continues with no ID cards required (unless you look 16 and are trying to buy a Bacardi Breezer).

In the South Somerset & West Dorset areas
Dr Stomp & Professor Oz @ No. 10, Bridport
Storm @ Foresters Arms, Holywell, EastCoker

Happy chaps Storm (above)

In Taunton

We have nothing listed, frankly I don't believe it! If any knows of events happening in Taunton tonight then please post them as a comment to this blog. The comment link is below.

The Editor

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