Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas Day a week today!!

Can you believe it? Christmas day is just a week away! The news programs seem to have themselves worked into a frenzy about you shoppers making the poor retailers wait for their money...all together now ahhh. Isn't strange how the prices can drop by 50% and yet they still make money, do you think they might have loaded the prices first?

Dave Allen (no not the Irish whiskey drinking comic) sent us a demo CD by Dablues which is the electric incarnation of the Dr Stomp Trio, well known to many.

Dablues play stripped down, lean 'n' mean, gritty blues on the opening track titled Boogie Town. Ironicly track two, Lovin' Baby is a lot more boogie woogie in style. Anyway it's a good little demo and something of a taster for an event happening on the 5th February.

On February 5th at the Bell Inn, Ash the Dr Stomp Trio will play an eclectic mix of blues and American folk performed on, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica, five string banjo, fiddle, lapsteel, bass guitar, mandolin, drum kit and flatfoot dancing. (Well you can't say you aren't getting your money's worth!)

Then, we presume half way through the evening, they tranform into their alter ego of Dablues to do an electric set. They will performing material from their new CD "Did you ever?" which has had good reviews from The Dorset Echo and Blues in Britain magazine.

Tickets are £7 on the door but only £5 in advance from the Bell or by phoning 01308 488387. The gig will start around 8.30pm.

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