Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday and 1 week till May deadline

The deadline for the May edition of Suited and Booted is only one week away! Please get all your event information and advertising to us by the 17th.

Because of the way the production cycle works this month this will be a hard cut off point; there will be no way to squeeze in that 'late' piece!

Events today.
Well being a Monday it's quiet and the only thing we have listed for you is the Open Mic Night @ The Westgate in Taunton.

However that does give us the opportunity to talk about one of the South West's most highly rated festivals that happens in July.

The Larmer Tree Festival gets great review from all those people who attend it and as a consequence tickets usually sell very quickly. The festival is set in the Larmer Tree Gardens near Shaftsbury and Blandford in Dorset.

As the festival web site describes it:

The Larmer Tree Festival is...
Deep in the heart of the remote and beautiful Cranborne Chase, where Victorian gardens come alive with music, workshops and a huge carnival procession, this year on 12th-16th July 2006.
Whilst peacocks parade the grounds, world, folk, roots, blues, jazz, Americana, country and reggae resound from more than 50 bands performing on five stages nestled between Eastern temples and pagodas.

To find out more about this yera's event follow this link.

Chocolate might be good for you shock!
Heart disease patients in the UK could soon be fed dark chocolate to test whether the food has health benefits.

Laboratory experiments have already suggested that some forms of the confectionery could help stop blood clotting and prevent heart attacks.

Now Professor Roger Corder, head of the department of experimental therapeutics at the William Harvey Research Institute, in London, wants to test dark chocolate on 40 patients with cardiovascular disease.

This is not a reason to go on a choco-binge!

Have a great Monday!

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