Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday; music & underwear!

Stinky underwear a thing of the past!
Stinky underwear could soon be consigned to the dustbin of history, thanks to the invention of what manufacturers claim are the first "pong-proof pants".

Tiny fragments of silver woven into the North Face briefs help stop bacteria multiplying, meaning they can be worn again and again without getting smelly.

Even the oldest trick in the book for those concerned about causing a stench - turning underwear inside outside (actually the thought is turning my stomach over Ed.) out before wearing it for a second day - is rendered unnecessary, the company says. The way the material is woven also helps resist malodorous microbes and mildew.

Live events in West Dorset & South Somerset
Open Mic / Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne
The Case of the frightened Lady @ Octagon Theatre, Yeovil (unith 22nd)

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Sakoba @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
Napper & Bliss @ Racehorse, Taunton

Have fun!

The Editor

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