Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Posting taking a back seat

At the moment we are in the throes of welding together the next print edition of Suited and Booted and so posting on the blog site will be a bit lighter than normal.

Great Night at Flicks Bar, Yeovil tonight!

NO COMPLY www.nocomply.co.uk - (Deckcheese)These Uk stars have deservedly earned a reputation of being one of the most incendiary liveacts on the punk circuit, this band just seem to get bigger and better with each passing month

ENCYCLOPEDIA (Unsigned) Two men, 1 ipod ...you know the score by now.. First yeovil show for quite a while!

IN THE EYES OF MIDAS (Unsigned) Heavy Riffs balanced with sing along melodys featuring ex members of MakeHerCry and HerPerfectPlan.These new kids on the block promise and energetic live show.. Make sure you catch their debut on the Yeovilscene!!

Tickets £6 - Door £7On Sale Now@ Acorn Music, Yeovil & www.seetickets.comDoors 7pm

The Editor


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