Tuesday, August 16, 2005

MFA 2005: The results!

We had a message in from Tom Toomey, Chairman and Founder of Music For Africa today. Great news about this year's Montacute event, his words are below.

The Cut Collective at this year's MFA event

Hi there, just to let you know that we made £12000 clear profit on the weekend at Montacute House! !!!!!!

There are still a couple of cheques to come in but I have it on good authority from Angie my bookkeeper that this is the bottom line figure. so, THANKS a million to everyone who helped....seriously THANKS once again! It's always a tricky time for me wondering wether or not I will make or break but once again it was a HUGE success and the WEATHER was with us thank God.

Next years event will be 14th/15th July 2006 at Montacute House and I will be having a gathering at my house on Sunday 11th Sept from 3pm thru to the evening to thank everyone who helped at this years concert ( bring a bottle and some food...etc).

The Charity is going from strength to strength and we are now able to supply a teacher who has been trained by MFA for the last 5 years to start a new project in Capetown.This means we have trained up and CREATED another job for a school leaver/music teacher from scratch.We were approached via the net by a Church minister there and we will supply 10 classical guitars and transport and they will pay Franks wages. The project will be on a trial run for 3 months.This will start sometime in September and I shall be going to see the progress of all my students sometime in 2006.We have also found a brilliant classical guitar teacher( to grade 8 standard ) who lives 2 hours drive from our school in South Africa .Sue will be taking our best students under her wing and entering them for grades this year.I have been looking for someone like her for years!

So that's it so far, I will keep you all updated periodically.

Thanks once again for ALL your support

Much Love and good vibes.
Tom Toomey, Chairman and Founder.

The Editor

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