Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday happenings + Love & Money

Love costs!
Men spend an average of 1,426 pounds on their partner during the first six months of a relationship, including 970 pounds on drinks and dinners, 148 pounds on presents and 63 pounds on taxis, flowers and chocolates. (Are we mad?)

Women, on the other hand, spend 740 pounds over the same period. (Obviously not quite so mad!)

Three percent of men even claimed to have paid their new partner's gym membership.

But once a relationship has passed the 12-month barrier, men's spending drops off to an average 987 pounds, while that of women increases ever so slightly to 784 pounds. (We think that's for the year.)

Little surprise then that most relationships fold within 12 months. It's a bloody expensive game!
Who sang that song "Can't Buy Me Love"? It seems that you can!

Holiday Disasters
If you were planning to go on holiday on a BA flight today, boy are you in the mire! What a crappy thing to happen! All flights grounded until tomorrow. On the other hand think about those 800 catering workers who were sacked...not good for them either.

There is lots of music on tonight so you should be able to find something you like!

Live events in South Somerset & West Dorset tonight
Bell & Brumpon @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Steve Black & Jim Almand @ Hardy's, Bridport
Chard Remains @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Barry Paull as Elvis @ Lord Nelson, Norton-s-Hamdon
The David Miles Band @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Midasuno, Mendeed, (209) & Along Came Man @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Unforgiven Kingdom ~ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas tonight
Chard Remains @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Vinyl Monkeys @ The Westgate, Taunton

The Vinyl Monkeys are here playing outside in Bridport (we think!) The picture is courtesy of their web site

Jive / Rock 'n' Roll @ Taunton Rock 'n' Roll Club
Blazing Stump Folk Club @ Royal Oak, Luxborough
Off The Cuff @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
Studio 37 @ Malt Shovel, Bridgwater
King Rich @ The Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Two Stooges @ The Vintage, Wellington
Who's Next @ The Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
The Creechers @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Red Hot Syncopators @ Crown Inn, Fivehead
Hollow Bone @ Wookey Hole, Inn

Have a great day!
The Editor

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