Thursday, June 09, 2005

Off Topic Subject-Police & Taser Stun Gun

If you ever had just a tiny concern about UK Police being issued with Taser Stun guns then this web link probably isn't going to help.

A cliping from the web site

Take a look at this US Police video footage:

Is this really the way we want to go in theUK?

According to Amnesty International more than 70 people have been killed through the use of Taser weapons in the USA.

Follow this link for more impartial information.

At present 15 Police forces in England and Wales are equipped with Taser weapons but they are only issued to firearms trained officers (so far).

Avon & Somerset Force planned to spend £50,000 on Taser equipment in the finacial year 2004-2005 according to the Avon and Somerset Police Authority website

To be honest it frightens the crap out of me to know that UK Police forces are starting to use these things and I am a generally law abiding citizen! On the other hand perhaps that is the whole point.

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