Monday, June 27, 2005

Nothing doing tonight but...

As usual there is bugger all happening tonight (that we know about anyway).
So what else is happening?

Have you got your Live8 tickets yet?

55,000 more Live 8 tickets for fans

With less than a week to go until Live 8, 55,000 more tickets have reportedly been made available so that fans to watch the event on giant screens.

Those who lost out during the original allocation via a text message competition will now be able to enjoy the show.

Space has been made available in London's Hyde Park for extra people to watch the event on giant video screens, BBC Online reported.

Details about how the new tickets will be distributed are expected to be announced by Live 8 co-ordinator Bob Geldof. There are already plans to set up giant screens in 14 other UK cities.
Saturday's show, with an actual audience of 150,000, will include Madonna, Robbie Williams and Sir Paul McCartney. The concert will highlight poverty and debt in developing countries, just days before the leaders of the world's richest countries meet in Scotland.

Over the weekend, Geldof and Chancellor Gordon Brown joined forces to gather support for the Make Poverty History campaign.

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