Monday, September 18, 2006

Want to learn about gear by being a roadie?

Learn lots by being a member of the road crew
Pink Floyd tribute act Us & Them are playing in October at Finn McCools in Weymouth on Saturday 21st. Any Floyd act worthy of the name has tons of specialist equipment and these guys are no exception.

So Us & Them are looking for some road crew. They are after one or two people to help them out at gigs - so it is a part time role in that respect. As they get bigger gigs, any pay can obviously increase.

Could be an opportunity for someone (or two) to learn a bit about the equipment, set up, etc. in a more professional environment, especially given the amount and type of gear they have.

Send your emails direct to Jason if you are interested. jason dot

Obviously fix that email address with a . before trying to use the it though!

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