Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Off Topic-UK Chief wants all Police to have Stun Gun

Police want to 'Tase' you
Click the link above which will lead you to the BBC news web site where the Chief Constable of the Manchester force subjected himself to a taser to demonstrate how "useful" it would be for all police to have these weapons. (At the moment they are issued to trained Fire Arms Police only).

Just so we know what he is talking about, this is the same "safe" weapon that is reckoned to have killed 70 people in the USA since it was launched a few years ago.

The Real Truth
If you look at the picture on the BBC web site, take a close look at the Police man behind the the Chief Constable and about to 'tase' him; he's grinning like Cheshire Cat. I think that probably shows the real mind set at work here.

Tasers are not the safe alternative that many people present them as.

The Editor

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