Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday 29th Dec:

Have you finished digesting the Christmas turkey and mince pies? Been to the sales and spent up to the the credit limit on your cards?

Well it must be nearing the end of the year then!

The time of year when thousands are resolutions are made to be: thinner, richer, less smokey and then just as often those good intentions fail in the first week. To make change happen REALLY have to want it!

New Years Eve
We have noticed in our travels that lots of ticketed New Year's Eve events are already sold out. So if you haven't booked something for the evening, you better get cracking!

Pink Floyd voted greatest rock act
Pink Floyd have been named the world's greatest rock act of all time.

The band, which recently reunited on stage at Live 8 for the first time in 24 years, beat other rock icons like U2 and The Who to the title.

Led Zeppelin came second, followed by The Rolling Stones in the poll of almost 60,000 rock fans.

The Who were fourth, eclipsing AC/DC, U2, Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana.

Jimi Hendrix came 10th in poll carried out by digital radio station Planet Rock, after Bon Jovi.
The survey of 58,000 listeners also named the 1970s the golden age of rock, followed by the 1960s, the Spandex years of the 1980s and grunge decade the 1990s.
Pink Floyd are thought to have sold a staggering 200 million albums worldwide since forming in 1965.

Top 10 Rock Acts:
1. Pink Floyd
2. Led Zeppelin
3. The Rolling Stones
4. The Who
5. AC/DC
6. U2
7. Guns N' Roses
8. Nirvana
9. Bon Jovi
10. Jimi Hendrix

What's happening today?

Events on Thursday 29th in West Dorset & South Somerset
Moveable Feast @ Hardy's, Bridport
Freak Circus @ White Horse, Wincanton
The Party Band @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Dodgy Jammers @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Brendon @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard

Sorry we have no events listed for the Taunton & Bridgwater areas today.

Do you want a bigger telly?
If you have ever wanted to see your favourite Christmas films at home on a big screen then Sony may have just the thing for you, an 82 inch LCD TV.

This is the Samsung version of the 82 inch screen. Coming to an electrical retailer near you very soon. Now if we just knock down the wall between the living room and kitchen...

Have a great day!

The Editor

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our readers!
Thank you to all the people out there who have sent us Christmas wishes. Suited and Booted only exists at all because the editors wanted to know what live music was happening locally and at that time there no way of finding out.

We continue to keep going because we believe that live music is important, because our readers are important, because our advertisers pay the bills and because we still offer the very best information and fun on the local music scene.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, we wish you and those you care about, a very Happy Christmas.

What's Happening Today?

Events on Christmas Eve in West Dorset & South Somerset
BJ McCabe @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Rob Koral (lunchtime) @ No.10, Bridport
Tom Toomey (12-2pm) @ Yeovil Band Stand
Phil & Grant @ Labour Club, Yeovil
James Gibson @ Lord Nelson, Norton-s-Hamdon
Bleedin' Hartz @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Unforgiven Kingdom @ Swan Hotel, Crewkerne
Perpetual Cabbage @ Railway Hotel, Yeovil
Tom Toomey @ Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Events on Christmas Eve in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
The Tree Frogs @ The Westgate Innm Taunton
Wally & Mel @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
The Graduates @ Pen & Quill, Taunton
Cross Wired @ The Old Market Bridgwater
Barracuda @ Green Dragon, Wellington
Marc Darren @ Princess Royal, Taunton
Jive Street @ Bridgwater Sports & Social Club
Reggae Night @ The Alma Inn, Taunton

There are no music events happening on Christmas Day, but you're going to be busy right?

Christmas isn't easy for everyone.

Police trace baby Angel's mother

Police said the baby was "fit and well"Police have traced the mother of a baby girl found abandoned in a garage in Yeovil, Somerset.
The girl - named as Angel by nurses at Yeovil District Hospital - was discovered by a member of the public.
She had been found, naked and only a few hours old, near Bucklers Mead Road at about 1700 GMT on Friday.

If you feel fit
If after your Christmas dinner you are feeling particularly fit you may like to try emulating the bendy dance moves of the lady in this video clip.

Actually the adjective bendy really doesn't cover what she have to check it out for yourself by clicking the headline link. (It's not rude or adult just mind boggling!)

Have a fantastic Christmas!

The Editor

Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday! Hangovers, traffic & music

Friday At Last
Apologies if you have to work this weekend but thank f**k Friday is here at last!
Loads of stuff on today as the Christmas weekend begins; check out the listings below for the full story.

Traffic Chaos Predicted
The roads are expected to be filled with happy souls going away for Christmas today. Of course they may not be quite so happy if they get stuck in the near death experience that is the 40mph roadworks section of the M5!

Bad News On Hangover Cures
With the festive season in full flow, researchers reveal what many may have suspected - hangover cures do not work.

A team from the Peninsula Medical School found "no compelling evidence" that a range of herbal and conventional treatments were effective.

A glass of finest Vino Collapso

Hangovers account for about £2bn in lost wages in Britain each year, mainly due to sickness absence.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, the researchers say only abstinence or moderation can really stop hangovers.


Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Swing The Cat @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Stars In Their Eyes-6 Band Night @ Alpine Village Restaurant, Yeovil
Crawfish @ Olde Poppe Inn, Tatworth
Cold Shock @ Poulett Arms, Lopen Head
Gut & Steel @ Crown, Bridport
Rhythm Junkies @ Westminster, Yeovil
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band @ Cheese & Grain, Frome
Storm @ Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil
Crosswired @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Flatland Boogie Band @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Steve Black @ Hardy's, Bridport

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
That'll Do @ King Arthur, Glastonbury
Rude Mood @ The Westgate Inn, Taunton
Bleedin' Hartz @ The White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Little John @ Crown & Sceptre, Taunton
Hans On Experience @ The Flying Horse, Taunton
Bailey & Neale @ Beam Bridge Hotel

Have a fantastic day!

The Editor

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday: Almost there!

It's almost the end of the week. Some of you will have already finished work and be braving the crowds of shoppers...good luck!

Wild Boar for Christmas?
About 100 wild boar have been released from a farm in Devon. (surely they aren't wild then?)

A number of the boar have already been spotted on the roadAbout 100 wild boar have been released from a farm in Devon.

Police said they suspected animal rights extremists broke down the fence enclosing the boar at the farm at West Anstey in north Devon.

A number of the animals were spotted early on Thursday morning on the road between Bampton and Newbridge.

Police said the animals could be dangerous and should not be approached. They are also warning motorists to be aware of the animals on the road.

Roast wild boar for Christmas dinner...could be very nice!

Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Crazy 88 @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Crosswired @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Boy Le Monti @ White Room, Sherborne House, Sherborne
X-Teller @ White Horse, Wincanton
Real World @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Stone Cold Sober @ Nelson's Ale House, Blandford Forum

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Holly At Christmas @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton (until 23rd)

More updates later today!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday:Santa, Music & Snow

Shock - Horror!
A white Christmas is unlikely unless you live in the north of Scotland. The bookies have stopped taking bets on it being a wet Christmas but if you fancy your chances you can probably get 8-1 on it being a snowy one. Of course you could just lose your shirt! Not ideal at this time of year!

Parking Ticket Santa
If you have ever got back to your car to find a parking fine stuck to the windscreen you'll appreciate this.

In Birmingham as self styled 'parking ticket santa' has been leaving money on motorists windscreens to help them pay the fine. So far £420 has been dished out by the generous gent.

Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Abba Rival @ Chicago Rock Café
Steve Black (lunch) @ Hardy's, Bridport
On The Nod @ Harry's Bar
Muddy Funksters @ Beach & Barnicot, Bridport

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion
Pantopottamus @ Bridgwater Arts Centre (until 22nd)
Slade/Mud/T-Rextasy @ Wellsprings Leisure Centre

Just a few days of shopping time left to get those Christmas gifts. Thing is do you have any money left to do the shopping?

Have Fun

The Editor

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday: Live music (not much), turkey, post & iPODs

In the spirit of the traditionally quiet Tuesday night there is very little (nothing we know of) happening in the South Somerset & West Dorset area tonight.

Ahh well what about listening to the Somerset County Youth Orchestra at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton?

Last Posting Day For Christmas!
Yes if you want to send a card to someone you love (or just a member of the family) then do it today. It is the last day for standard post to be delivered by Christmas day. (Though you can you special delivery until the 22nd)

Did you watch the documentary on Channel 4 last night about how food (especially turkey) is produced in the UK? If you did then you will understand why turkey is now off this Christmas dinner list.

If you didn't see it then pay the extra money and buy free range, organic, British meat; honestly what happens in cheap turkey production is grim!

Getting an iPOD for Christmas?
Music lovers are being warned that the popular 'earbud' headphones worn by users of iPods and MP3 players could lead to hearing loss.

The warning comes from Dean Garstecki, a Northwestern University audiologist and professor, who said that because earbuds are placed directly into the ear, they can boost the sound signal by as much as six to nine decibels.

During the 1980s, when Walkman portable devices first hit the market, audiologists were warning users about potential hearing loss. with MP3 players topping the Christmas wish lists of people all over the world, history is repeating itself and Garstecki is urging safer use of earphones.

Personally I blame the deafness on a 1980s Status Quo concert (oops showing my age again!). My ears were buzzing for days afterwards. You have been warned kids!

A final thought from the leader of the (not so) free world:
"I want to make sure everybody who has a job wants a job." - George Bush . . . Dumb?

Have a great day.

The Editor

Monday, December 19, 2005


Not much to talk about today. We could remind you of how few days there are left to get those gifts...but that would just be mean.

So the events today both happen in the Taunton & Bridgwater area with an open mic night at the Westgate in Taunton and Charlotte Narsden playing at the Monkton Inn.

Number One
Nizlopi's quirky "JCB Song" about bullying at school beat Irish boy band Westlife to the top of the music charts on Sunday, putting it in a strong position for next week's Christmas number one.

Is this the first chart pop song to feature farm machinery since the Wurzels 'I got a brand new combine harvester'?

Have great Monday!

The Editor

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday: Xfactor & live music

X Factor
The X Factor show last night saw a 21-year-old former shop assistant from Manchester, Shayne Ward, win a one million pound recording deal.

Shayne Ward

His record "That's my Goal" is already being tipped as a possible Christmas No. 1.
Second was binman Andy Abraham.

Get the full story here.

Events on Sunday in West Dorset & South Somerset
Tobacco Road @ Royal Marine, Yeovil
Dr Feelgood + Eddie & The Hotrods @ Cheese & Grain, Frome
Just Alan @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Cymbollix @ Mermaid Hotel, Yeovil
Tom Toomey (3-5pm) @ White Hart, Castle Cary

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Tone Valley Jazz Band @ Bar 27, Taunton
Relocate @ The Old Market, Bridgwater

What ever you do, have a great day!

The Editor

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday: Very bad Santa, music & downloads

Just one week until Christmas and judging by the crowds of shoppers there are still plenty of presents to buy!

Oh dear Santa....
LONDON (Reuters) - Swanage police said on Friday they were looking for a Santa acting suspiciously -- a flasher who had repeatedly exposed himself to women, including on one occasion while dressed as Father Christmas.

Officers said the flasher had struck a number of times since December 6, and a week later exposed himself whilst wearing a Santa Claus outfit.

"I would be very interested to hear from anyone who may have seen someone acting suspiciously while dressed as Father Christmas in the Gilbert Road or surrounding areas of Swanage town centre," Police Constable Jonathan Maunder said.

"These incidents of indecent exposure have caused a great deal of upset to the women that the man has approached."

Events today ins West Dorset & South Somerset
Norman Lindon @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Mister Perfect @ Crown, Bridport
Alias @ Half Moon, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Pocket Shotgun @ Woods Wine Bar, Yeovil
Unforgiven Kingdom @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Richard Bloom @ Railway Hotel, Yeovil
Dodgy Jammers @ Old Barn Club, Yeovil
Turnette Doone @ Labour Club, Yeovil
Slade, T-Rextasy & Mud @ Cheese & Grain, Frome
Live Music TBC @ Hardy's, Bridport
Rooting Around @ Kings Arms, Stockland

Rooting Around performing live

Tom Toomey @ Bakers Arms, Martock
The Huckleberries @ David Hall Arts Centre, S.Petherton

Events today in the Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Christmas Bike Bash @ The Black Horse, Taunton
Small Mercies @ The Alma Inn, Taunton
Taunton Concert Band @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
Gold Blend @ The Flying Horse, Taunton
Hard Tack @ Princess Royal, Taunton
Chris Rainbow @ Green Dragon, Wellington
The Whole Hog @ The Old Market, Bridgwater
Real Deal @ The Vintage, Wellington
Christmas Brass @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
Stuff Stan Likes @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
Beat Root @ Westgate Inn, Taunton
Folk Music @ Bell Inn, C.St Michael
Mean'Im @ The Eagle, South Street, Taunton
BAC Christmas Party @ Bridgwater Arts Centre

UK 'tops European download fans' (Click here to get the full story)
Mobile phones are popular devices for listening to music. People in the UK download more music than other Europeans, spending 75p per month on average, a survey suggests.
The study for Motorola said it was three times more than those surveyed in Germany, Italy or France.

Might it be that our pop music is better? (xenophobic remark 736)

Have a fun day & night

The Editor

Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday, Chickens, Gigs & Christmas USA style.

Irish police issue chicken crossing hazard alert to motorists
DUBLIN (AFP) - Irish police issued a traffic hazard alert warning motorists to be beware of chickens crossing the road.

Drivers were asked to use "extreme caution" near Ballinagh, County Cavan in the north Midlands after a truck carrying 6,500 chickens overturned and shed its load.

AA Roadwatch also warned rush-hour traffic in the area to be extra vigilant because of chickens flying loose. On RTE state radio the owner of the chickens said a team of about 20 employees had been sent to the scene and it was hoped they would be able to catch all the feathered escapees in about four hours.

Asked about reports that there was an added hazard of a slippery surface on the road as a result of some panicked chickens laying eggs he said: "That's what chickens do."

Events on Friday in West Dorset & South Somerset
Dynamo's Rhthym Aces @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
The Repercussion @ The Old George, Dorchester
Dozer, Instill, Gu MedicineThe Quiller Memorandum @ Flicks Bar, Yeovil
Joe Santiago @ Poulett Arms, Lopen Head
Storm @ Plume of Feathers, Sherborne
Karl Weber @ Quicksilver Mail
Tom Toomey @ Yarcombe Inn, Yarcombe
Acoustic Night @ Cheese & Grain, Frome
Rhythm Junkies @ Fleur de Lis, Stoke-s-Hamdon
Real Deal @ Ship Inn, Chard

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Dynamo's Rhthym Aces @ Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas
Jive/Rock 'n' Roll @ Taunton R'n'R Club
Relocate @ The Westgate, Taunton
Christmas Crooners @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
The Excellos @ Cross Rifles, Bridgwater
Cover Up @ The Pen & Quill, Taunton
The Whole Hog @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Chris Rgers @ Beam Bridge Hotel
Snakes & Bush Monkeys @ Railway Club Taunton

America is a bizarre country (part 4673)
We spotted this on a US web site.

The sign at McDonald's on the corner of Falls of Neuse and Spring Forest Road reads: "Merry Christmas, Jesus is the Reason for the Season." It is a holiday message that Amanda Alpert thinks comes on a little too strongly.

"It offends me because it specifically talks about Jesus, Merry Christmas. It doesn't give credit to anyone else," Alpert said.

Only in America (where huge numbers of people go to church every week) could such a bizarre event happen. (Unless you know different of course.)

The euphemism most Americans use for Christmas is 'The Holiday Season'.

Have a great day!

The Editor

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday: Little Britain, Live music & guitar tuition

Little Britain is best!
The BBC show Little Britain, the creation of double act Matt Lucas and David Walliams, was named the Best TV Comedy on Wednesday ahead of BBC Four's "The Thick Of It" and Gervais' "Extras", his follow-up to the hugely successful "The Office".

Matt Lucas & David Walliams

Events in South Somerset & West Dorset
Relics @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Chill @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil
Studio 37 @ Mermaid Hotel, Yeovil
The Bowie Experience @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
The Animals @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Adequate Seven & others @ The Palace, Bridgwater
Confessions etc. @ Bridgwater Arts Centre
Meadows & Briggs @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton
Saltmine Theatre @ Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton

Are you a would be guitar hero?
We had this message arrive from local guitar man Tom Toomey:

Dear fellow guitarists!

First of all, MERRY XMAS and a PEACEFUL NEW YEAR 2006!

I am starting some private classes in April for BLUES and (not so) BEGINNERS guitarists who have been taught by me in the past few years.

The classes will be held at THE FLEUR de LYS in Stoke sub Hamdon nr Yeovil and they will be on a Monday and Tuesday evening from 7-30 thru to 9-30pm. There is a very pleaseant room for our use where we will not be disturbed! Plus all the benefits that go with a pub!

The BLUES class will be starting on MONDAY 3rd APRIL for 6 WEEKS and the BEGINNERS class will start 4th APRIL for 6 weeks.

Places are going to be kept to 6 STUDENTS ONLY ensuring quality time and each student will be asked to nominate 1 tune to learn thereby allowing everyone to have 6 tunes in their repertoire by the end of the course.I will provide a CD and TAB for all the tunes.
COST is £18 per session (£108) paid in advance cheques made payable to Tom Toomey.
If you are interested please either email or call me or write to Tom Toomey,1 Houndstone Corner, Yeovil,BA22 8TG. 01935 474359 or 07979912975

I will also be starting private tuition in April @ £25 per hour if you require 1 on 1 tuition.
please cc your reply with my hotmail address as I shall be out of the country at some point, Thanks and warm regards,Tom.

Have a great day

The Editor

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday, Folk, live music & naughty nights in!

It's a little bit quiet today on the live music front but there are some interesting things out there for you.

Radio 2 Folk Awards Nominees announced

The nominees have been chosen for the seventh BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, to be held in London on 6th February 2006. Don't forget to register your vote for Most Influential Folk Album Of All Time - you may win tickets! Click here for more details.

Seth Lakeman, one of the nominees for Best Folk Singer of 2005

You can have your say by voting directly on the BBC web site. The list of nominees can be found here.

Events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Steve Black (lunch) @ Hardy's, Bridport
Riverbrew @ Chicago Rock Café, Yeovil
Tom Toomey @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil

Events today in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Acoustic Night @ West India House, Taunton
The Animals @ The Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill
Heranshaw Quartet @ The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
Modern Jive @ Royal British Legion, Taunton

There's money in the porn channels
Italy's cash-strapped government has decided to hike taxes on one of the country's few vibrant industries, (besides tax evasion) pornography, to help rein in the burgeoning budget deficit, government sources told Reuters Tuesday.

The "porno-tax," which imposes an additional levy of 25 percent on all income from pornography, is contained in a package of amendments to the 2006 budget to presented in the Chamber of Deputies Tuesday or Wednesday, the sources said.

Under the amendment, subscribers to hard core television channels must also pay additional value-added tax of 10 percent. Altogether, the tougher tax-treatment of porn should bring the government some 300 million euros next year.

Those nights in just keep getting more expensive!

Have a great day.

The Editor

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday, bull music & stuff

Get arrested for being patriotic (?)
Maya Anne Evans, a 25-year-old cook, became the first person to be prosecuted under the law which bans unauthorised demonstrations within one kilometre of Westminster after reciting the names of British soldiers killed in Iraq outside the gates of Downing Street.

She was actually standing next to the Cenotaph (a war memorial forgoodness sake) when reciting the names of the dead British soldiers.

Welcome to Tony Blair's Britain, a place where free speech is something that we used to have. If it happened in another country there would be cries of "shame" from this Government but if it happens at home we'll just call it increased security measures.

Live events today in South Somerset & West Dorset
Capdown, Boom In The Diamond Industry, Mybe & Encyclopedia @ Alpine Village Restaurant, Yeovil
The Conchords @ Yeovil Ex-Services & Social Club
Battle of the Bands Final, inc Cart-L @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil
Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill
Pete Bennett @ Royal Marine, Yeovil
Unforgiven Kingdom @ Three Compasses, Charminster
Little John @ Green Dragon, Yeovil
Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Mid Life Crisis @ The Old Market, Bridgwater
Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes @ Square & Compass, Windmill Hill, Ashill

Have a bullshit free day!

The Editor

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Back on line posting

Hi Folks
Well the last week or so has been very busy as we distributed the the combined December / January edition of the magazine and started planning for 2006.

This week an MFA musical event was held at Harry's Bar in Yeovil, which raised £400 towards the cost of providing a fresh water bore hole in Phokane. Great result! We did our bit by donating a page of advertising to be auctioned off.

Music as you lunch
Apparently Tesco are introducing a musical sandwich wrapper. The standard ready made sandwich wrapper will have a musical module built into it in a similar way to those noisy greeting cards that play a tune when you open them.

The 'music' (it's bound to be crap) will start playing when you open the pack. Christmas tunes will feature first to suit the time of year with other seasonal ditties to follow (think valentines, mothers day etc).

Great...can you imagine any office near a Tescos at lunch time? The sound of 20 sandwich wrappers all playing the same tune at different times! We forsee death and destruction ahead as the rest of the office irritated beyond the range of sanity!

Live events in South Somerset & West Dorset today
The Wurzels @ Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis
Cymbollix @ Porter Blacks, Yeovil
Dave King @ White Horse, Wincanton
Star Divas (Abba Tribute) @ Phoenix Hotel, Chard
Pete Holden @ Railway Hotel, Yeovil
Ironic @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Stress @ Harry's Bar, Yeovil

Live events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Midnight America @ George Inn, Uffculme
21 Tales @ Bridgwater Arts Centre
Jim Reynolds @ White Hart, East Reach, Taunton

Have a fun day!

The Editor

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday, a new month begins!

December is here!
If you have not yet seen your copy of Suited and Booted then fear not they are on their way!

10,000 Years of maintenance payments
An Iranian man has been ordered by a divorce court to pay his ex-wife one gold coin a month in alimony for the next 10,000 years.

Under Iran's marriage law couples sign a pre-marital agreement where the bride must stipulate the level of compensation they can demand during the marriage or in the event of separation and divorce.

In this case the Tehran woman -- who was not named -- had asked for 15 million dollars worth of gold coins, the governmental Iran newspaper said.

The court ruled that the husband should pay her the coins in single monthly installments, meaning his debt will stay with him for 10,333 years.

He might of been a bastard but this seems a bit excessive!

Singing Sheep to be Christmas Number 1?
You loved /hated the crazy frog ringtone so much that it got into the UK charts and stayed there for weeks. Now the battle for the Christmas number 1 is hotting up and a 27-year-old British record producer Charley Darbishire has released (through the Cumbria Toursit board web site) a "baa"-filled dance song.

When will this woolly thinking end?

Live music in West Dorset & South Somerset
Asere @ Bridport Arts Centre
Crawfish @ Mermaid Hotel
Sneaky Pete Und Der Vipers @ Choughs Hotel, Chard
Jam Night @ Antelope, Crewkerne
Dodgy Jammers @ Harry's Bar

Events in Taunton & Bridgwater areas
Phinius Gage @ The Palace, Bridgwater
Gregorys Girl (play) @ Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
Jungle Book (play) @ Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

Have a great day.

The Editor